Light an interweb candle!

Since not everyone will be awake at 10 PM, able to attend the reading, or have candles on hand to light, I figured we could have a little interweb-candleholder here. Write well-wishes, offer tips, pour out encouragement and love, or even post a picture of a candle (I confess, cheesily, I thought of this and it's what prompted me to make a topic. Hur hur I'm lame sometimes). As lolcat Barik might say, "teh loev, do u feelz it?"

So to get started, good luck! The story is quality stuff, so don't sweat it. I'll be lighting a tasty-smelling candle anyway, and when it makes me want fresh sugar cookies I'll be sure to think of Temmin.

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has a candle wallpaper, so i put that on

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Good luck, Mei! I'll be with you in spirit.

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Neat! I just coated a candle is BPAL's "Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo" to burn for an unrelated reason. = P I'll focus the smell-goods in that direction, though.

Tip: Imagine that the audience is all nekkid. I-m so happy

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Good luck, Mei, I wish I could be there.

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Image that everyone in the audience is in their underwear!

...oh wait, that one might backfire... >.>

srsly, you're awesome and this story rocks so I'm sure it will be well received no matter what you do or don't do while in the spotlight Biggrin

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Most High

I finished watching a panel a bit ago on writing fight scenes--it was really good--and Sir introduced me to David Levine, one of the other writers on my panel. I am imagining he gave me the fish eye, which is unfair to him, but when he asked me what I was reading I was like, um, my web serial? And he was like, uhhh...ok. Now I am totally freaking out. WHAT AM I DOING HERE! I'm not even on the program. I don't have a presenter's badge. It's like I don't exist. Is it too late to run away? aaaagggh! :O


Well, I'll say this: Opening my browser and seeing your messages makes me feel much better. Biggrin

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how diffident you can be given your many talents. I'm just the same way. Wink

But the older I get, the more I realize that very few people feel like they "belong" in their professional worlds and those who do are often just arrogant, not necessarily talented. Feeling like part of the group can be so random, too. I have been attending my annual professional conference since I started grad school in 1992. This year was the first time I have ever felt like I belonged and it was mostly because all the people I invited to have lunch with me happened to have nothing better to do during the timeslot I invited them for and so they all happened to say yes. A lot of people happened to show up for my panel, as well, and I got the lion's share of questions, so that felt good. But really, I felt connected, interesting, worthwhile, and happy for the first time EVER at this conference or ANY other conference. I always wonder if I really belong and who the hell I think I'm fooling. Every time I get a paper accepted I wonder how I managed to pull the wool over the reviewers' eyes. And yet here I am, at a top university, where students sign up for my classes and take notes about what I say. It's amazing.

And you are, too, Meilin. Here we all are, paying to read what you write, hanging on your every update, breathless with anticipation, trying hard not to be too disappointed when you lose your muse. You're awesome, and just because someone doesn't know who you are or what you're reading doesn't make you any less so. He was probably feeling awkward that he didn't know your web serial so didn't know how to pursue the conversation. I'd bet good money that he's socially awkward and just didn't know what to say.

Knock 'em dead, my friend. Can't wait to hear how it went!

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What manoki said x 100 Wink

Even if you think that The World Has Ended Oh Noes! after the reading (and I sincerely hope it goes better than that!), we'll still be here tomorrow, trying to keep our impatience politely in check while you recover and work on the next chapter.

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Try to enjoy the moment.

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