That quiet goth, hiding behind lashes

Okay, and a little overpoetic when I don't need to be.

Hails and cheerful salutations, everyone, I'm Kyt. I normally go by names less attributed to my proper name, but I figured that if I was out to hang about in a community of other readers and writers, I might as well keep my handle more simple... Well, we'll see how that works out.

I... Get quite a few visitors from Miranda's website so I figured it was about high time to actually spend time here. I've been reading on and off for quite a while, but it's hard for me to be social as there are too many pressing interests on my time. A dreadful malady, but I will be trying to break it.

I welcome all manner of cheerful conversation. Part of the reason I'm here posting an introduction. I have some canned stuff that I could just blurt out, but I think I'll work down the line of vital stats and let curious people ply out whatever they want through query rather than a huge info dump.

I am a writer, a medic, and a programmer -- my day job -- and I trade time between two US States: Arizona and Michigan. Primarily to keep the weather on an even keel for the sake of my faltering heart, which prefers not the extreme heat of the Sonoran Desert summer and not the biting cold of the Northern winter. I dally my time mostly on video games and books, trying not to fall over myself for the next MMO or Adventure game that comes along, cheer myself with Harvest Moon (mostly making everyone else play my characters so that I can watch and boss them around.)

I like goth clubs, and I dress accordingly--a certain amount of my writing may reflect this. Music, some people think musical tastes are part of personality, so ... Goth music, 80's, Irish Political, Folk music in general, Qntal, pretty much anything that could be described as Techno Industrial. I suppose worthwhile to know because of how any given musical piece affects my work. I am in love with Pandora.

That's it. I'm extremely shy by nature, so I'm forcefully breaking my own demureness to be here. Hopefully not for naught. To everyone a good day and a lovely evening.

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Most High

Thanks for introducing yourself, and welcome!

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Isn't always a bad thing....

But that comes from someone who can never get enough sappily romantic things to make him happy.....

Anyway, welcome to the forum!

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well...only if you want, but you practically asked...

Anyway, what exactly is Irish Political music? I have this mental image of some guys playing thrash metal screaming "F*ck the Brits" with the Taliban singing the chorus, and I hope that isn't it. It doesn't bookend well between 80s and folk music, either.

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I'd say Flogging Molly and bands of a similar stripe count. I love Flogging Molly, a lot of their songs are a lesson in Irish history.

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I sooooooo wish I could visit my cousin in Colorado for New Year's. They are playing Denver at that time, and she loves them too. On the plus side, they come to Vegas often. I've been to their St. Patrick's Day concert here 3 times (I won tickets last time, which was awesome 'cause I couldn't afford them and didn't want to miss it). I plan to take my kidlet to the next one. They are amazing entertainers, and the concerts are great fun.

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Floggy Molly is an excellent example of the direction Irish Political music ends up -- punk especially tends to turn that way. However, it can also include bands who aren't Irish themselves, like The Levellers -- who are English -- because the politics that they speak against affect pretty much all the Isles. Other singular songs by bands like U2 and The Cranberries. And finally, covers and recordings of Irish ballads.

It's mostly strife and battles (or massacres) that make it into Irish political folk music, but those are often the things that punctuate the history of civilizations.

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Huh...I wouldn't have called Flogging Molly political, so much. Political makes me think of, say, the Wolfe Tones. They take it to a whole different level than FM. Their music's not as good though, soooo...

Oooo, Qntal. I love them--check out Adiemus and Dargaard, if you haven't heard of them--they're both in sort of the same genre.

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