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  • Posted on: 30 March 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Someone donated enough to ransom Tuesday's chapter! So it's up and live right now. I'm almost done with Thursday's and may do the same again. I have to refigure the donation system--what happens when, etc. I do write an awful lot and while I don't want to commit to daily, I do want to give you guys the chance to have a chapter early if you want it. I'm just not sure exactly how to work this thing...


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Are you comfortable with the pace of your writing schedule?
What kind of reserve of Chapters, if you are even interested in doing that, have you thought about?
How regular have the donations been coming in and what has been your average? Is it too early to start looking for patterns?

One thing in grooming your readers... i think i would want to reward behavior i want to encourage. Do you want a more traffic to the site? a fan base? inspirational fragrances? :grin: Give incentive for referrals. Offer your 'ransoms' for as often as you can handle. Report major (and minor) milestones such as number of individual hits. Use the Twitter box. People want to feel connected and valued.

I think you do an awesome job of communicating with your audience. I enjoy reading your interaction with other AIHotGK's subjects. Keep writing according to your wiring; it suits you. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Oh, did I miss where to register?

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Most High

Writing schedule: I can't stop writing. Seriously. It's a compusion, almost. I scare my therapist. Well, I scare my therapist anyway, but that's a different conversation, and I also crack her up. She reads this sometimes. It's a Freudgasm, D.!

Chapter reserve: I suppose if I wasn't such a comment ho this would be easier to build. I just really hate having finished work lying around.

Donations: It's been less than a month, so patterns are hard to see just yet. So far it's been coming in fairly large chunks; people are coming in and making their one-time big donation (I assume it's one-time, anyway). If I don't offer an incentive--an early chapter release, more updates, etc--I don't get donations. Last week, during the daily post Challenge, I didn't get a single one. I'm not complaining, because I'd gotten $100 in 48 hours to do the week of updates! Smile

Incentives: I want more traffic to the site so I can build the advertiser base and bother readers for $$ less. Absolutely I want a fan base. I want to advertise less, it's very expensive and I can't keep it up much longer. (I joke about lattes and perfume, but srsly, most of the $$ goes straight to Project Wonderful.) And yes! perfume! Amma's tits, I'd give anything for Intimate History BPALS. Smile How do I "incentivize" things like referrals?

Communication: I talk to my audience because I love my audience. I live for you guys. Well, and my kids. And my gorgeous husband. But you get the idea. I intend to tweet a bit because I'm always thinking about this damn story and it's nice to have a place to put a quick thought up about it.

Registering: In the top menu bar you'll see the link to register/login.

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so--the "help me figure this out" doesn't seem to invite reply.

So, here:

The problem with letting people continually pay in advance is Angel you can't build up a log in case of emergency, and (b) what happens when you're 3 weeks ahead--can you hold an audience for three weeks while you wait for a ransom to be paid?

Just a couple thoughts off-hand.

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The problem that I see with the early release as you've written it is this - 1) The page for Tuesday gets ransomed on Sunday. The page for Thursday gets ransomed on Monday. The page for Saturday gets ransomed Tuesday...etc. Now, that might be a bit extreme, getting $30 every day, but still. I would think that the pages would get ransomed off very early, meaning you'd either be ransoming off pages for like - october in may, or we'd have to wait 3-4 days between updating streaks, which might upset readers.

I came here from Pages Unbound, but I read Tales of MU before reading this - AE has a daily update schedule, with a page 'ransomed' on Saturday, for um...$150? Something like that. I believe she has a fairly large fan base, since she's been around for a while as well. It might be better to stick with the current schedule for a bit longer, then ... copy her model? That would give you time to build up a larger fan base, as well as judging how donations come in.

Another idea would be to offer some sort of incentive for advertising, like ah...every time x number of new unique IPs pop up (and comment?), there's a bonus page posted? You wouldn't have to say how it's being tracked, just that advertising was going well, so here's a bonus.

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Most High

I'm sorry you guys thought you couldn't comment on the other, since that was totally not written in stone and I wanted comment (eek, did the comments get turned off on that? I'll go check). I'm really trying to figure this out. Smile

I already foresaw the "what happens when you're ransoming October in May" problem, that's part of what I was trying to hash out. I was hoping you guys could find the logical way to make it work, since I couldn't completely. I just figured that with the pace of my writing, I wouldn't always have an early chapter to ransom, and the ransom wouldn't always be paid.

I've copied so much of AE's model already I feel like a plagiarist, though I doubt anyone could say there's anything much alike about the two stories apart from a pansexual bent, and an, uh, bent bent. Smile

And Kendra, I'll be thinking long and hard about metrics for "advertising" incentives. I really need to build my base readership.

Thanks to both of you.

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