Spie Kitteh is Spie!!

So, I've been lurking on the forum for quite some time as member "Spie Kitteh is Spie". But I've decided to get a real account now!!

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And nice sig. You just made me go youtube that song...I haven't heard it in forever.

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Most High

wif Stevie Nicks lyrics! I so totally have an Inner Stevie. So glad you got an account!

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Nice handle, too

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Most High

The Disquieted Pen or Spie Kitteh; I assume the former.

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"Handle" dates back to *at least* the heyday of CB radio in the 60s and 70s. It means the same as "Screen name" or "username" but those terms didn't evolve until computers, I'm pretty sure Wink

Snowman, this is the Bandit. You got a Smokey comin at ya in a plain white wrapper

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Thread title just triggered a meme-bomb in my brain, kinda like ad-bombs in transmetropolitan, only featuring various badly-spelt memes ... prominently featuring "cat durid is 4 fite". My psychic scars have scars now ;P

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My partner still quotes "Is a cat durid for eat sum1's hed & stuf? OMG YES LOL!" on occasion, but I had forgotten about that until I read your comment.

Thanks for passing along the schadenfreude.

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