*peeks around door frame*

so i'm here quite a bit it seems but i'm rarely logged in when i read and the few times i am logged in i've been too antisocial to say hi (i am a bit stalker-esque as well). i don't like introducing myself in person and doing so online seems even stranger (but i'm a strange person so i guess its fitting).

umm... i'm 26 but i'm accused of looking like a high school student. the advantage is i can act as ridiculous as i like (which i do) and no one thinks to tell me to act my age. i'm playing around with life trying to figure out life after college. i'm still idealistic enough that i want to do great things (though i don't want to be a great/famous person) but cynical enough to see the reality.

how i got here i don't remember, but the History has long been added to the (online) things i read (the rest are comics, but don't tell anyone). this is the first webstory i've found myself caught up in, but i am an avid reader so the appeal of finding new parts of the story throughout the week definitely has its advantage. historical fiction is one of my weaknesses so this is sort of the same (in its intrigue) but different. (applauds to MeiLin)

enough babbling from me, i've said more than i meant too already.

*slips into the background*

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Most High

Thanks for introducing yourself, and thanks doubly for reading!

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My husband is 28 and still looks like a 14-year-old, too. He still gets pulled over by police after 10pm for breaking curfew if he's out walking late. It's happened at least twice in the last year.

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