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I haven't even touched this site since the last time I signed in and I feel bad, especially since I'm going to rant about the stupidness on dA, which slightly has something do with this. So, I was going through the large list of three deviations from various artists that I watch when I stumbled upon an InuYasha fanart of InuYasha and Kagome that looked... cute at most - it isn't my favorite pairing, least favorite actually, as I prefer Kagome to be paired with Sesshoumaru, but that doesn't matter. The artist would not post a more "graphic" version of that piece, due to new rules that were posted that prevents any form of fictional child pornography - which left absolutely no loopholes what so ever that I could find - so she wouldn't have to go through the hassel of it being taken off the site by the moderators. This means that even you up the age of the characters, it still doesn't fly because there "isn't a normal age process in fiction" (this isn't an actual quote, but it is close enough for me.) Even art pieces that show tasteful nudity have been taken off due to fictional child pornography!

My questions are, why should it matter if it's "child pornography" if the "children" are FICTIONAL? and what if the original piece that fanart is being done for already contains child pornagraphy?

http://realitysquared.deviantart.com/journal/20618993/?offset=25#comments This is the journal that stated the new rules and regulations. I could say more on this, but my attention span is short and I have homework to do, so I'll just leave it at this.

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I guess you weren't around on LJ last spring/summer? (I don't know if you're on LJ at all, but this is my immediate thought!) I feel like this topic has been done to the death because of the dramaz over there. I think LJ finally gave up and decided fictional character porn was OK. I wonder why DeviantArt has decided to adopt that policy now.

Also, I have to ask why your name is Arath but your avatar is Fox and Derringer?!

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I rarely follow anything on LJ, as I am not a member of the site, but I do check out FH occasionally. I have no idea why they would... well, I DO, I just choose not to acknowledge it. I just happen to really love that scene in the comic, but I might change it someday.

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Most High

Hard not to love anything with Derringer in it, really.

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I'd totally kidnap him, but I'm afraid Leslie would beat me up for taking his man-boy...

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