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Would it be possible to get separate RSS feed for the story content and the comments/forum posts/etc? I can only read about once a week now (cry) and frequently I don't see all the chapters/bonus stories since I read last, because of various other posts.

If you'd need help coding it, I'd be willing to chip in. It's something I need to learn for my job anyway Kiss 2


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There are SO MANY DIFFERENT rss feeds for this site. Here are the three most likely to be of interest.

The main one gives you everything:

This one gives you ONLY stories in "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom," including future books and all bonus stories:

This one gives you ONLY my blog:

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the following link will open a newest first page that does not include blog entries, etc. It's only chapters and bonus stories:

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...if the feeds were listed in a place where they could be found. The two most obvious places are "rss" in the header, and the orange "XML" button on the right. "rss" in the header leads to the main RSS feed, and the "XML" button is a broken link--it gives "page not found" for the content. Right now, this post is the only way to find those other RSS feeds, that I'm aware of.

With that having been said, however, thank you for making this post. I honestly am not interested in the blog and introduction posts, so I'm switching to the stories-only feed.

Hmm. Out of curiosity, will the character artwork be posted to the stories feed?

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If not, I can make it so they are. I'll make up a page with the RSS feeds on it.

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The XML button and RSS link in the menu now go here. The images also are now part of the story feed as well as accessible from their own feed. If there's a feed you'd like access to, let me know on the RSS page; there's bound to be a way to do it.

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