Curious as to what works


Actually this is aimed mostly at MeiLin, and if there is a PM system that I'm not aware of, I'd have used that instead.

Do you track where visitors come from? I'm curious as to how many (new?) people I've managed to get addicted to your stories by leaving it in a number of forum signatures. I only know of one person so far, but they did spend several days going through them, assignments and such be damned - SEE WHAT YOU DO TO US POOR UNI STUDENTS!! Wink

... and now it sounds like I'm looking for blackmail material. I'm not, honest. I'm just curious. And perhaps trying to inflate my sense of usefulness.

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Most High

via Google Analytics. I track users assiduously. I've gotten several hits from various forums over the last few months, none of which I can get into myself and check. Give me the forum names and I'll tell you whether it's working. I appreciate it in any event! I wish more folks would put me in their sig files/profiles/etc at forums. Start a thread! who knows! You may find other fans or create them.

I will put a PM system in as soon as it's out of alpha for Drupal 6.x. Blum 3

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( Geez, another wall of text. tl;dr! )

The following have had the link in the sig for a month or more now:

Looking for Group comic

I used to frequent numerous forums but I've gone a lot more dormant over the last few years. My memory being what it is, I don't even remember what forums I have an account at.

Putting it in the sig of the following now, since I'm fairly sure the sig updates for every post I've ever made, despite me not really posting on the forum anymore. It probably won't be as effective as the other two (seriously who reads forum archives, particularly in busy ones), but I'd be interested to know if it works at all:


I wish more folks would put me in their sig files/profiles/etc at forums.

There are social repercussions of having a link that points to such content in one's sig. Not a huge deal (considering that they are forums on the internet, and hence most people would be horny prepubescent males to start out with Wink ) but relevant nonetheless, particularly when trying to keep irl and online identities separate.
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I've definitely seen a little traffic from EGG. Thank you! And yes, social repercussions. I guess I forget that since there isn't as much sex in book 2 and that's where my mind is right now.

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