Hi all!

Hi everyone!

I'm Ace. I'm new.

I got here primarily from Web Fiction Guide but have heard of Intimate History being referred to in at least a couple of places. Thought I'd check it out.

Enjoying the tale thus far (mind you, I'm only on the 4th chapter). MeiLin--I like how you drop questions and leave them only partially answered (e.g. what's in the mirror?)

I look forward to the upcoming chapters.

Nicely done.

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Most High

Thanks for coming and checking us out! I hope you stick around.

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Oh yeah. I plan to stick around. No worries there.

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Always nice to see a new bowl of popcorn around the place!

Yes, you will notice, the chapters tend to raise more questions than they answer, which keeps us hungering for more.

Clever Mei is clever.

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