The Traveler Queen was in my dream

This lady was spying on her and tried to steal her magic, which allowed the Traveler Queen to see that she was there, and she killed the lady. Which turned out well, because then the lady couldn't control her daughters, and the oldest got to go back to her husband and baby instead of being forced to marry a prince.

This is one of the more coherent of my dreams. It was a fun one!

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Most High

My evil plan to take over your subconscious is working! Wink

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Huh. Remind me to be on the lookout for Mei's characters to take over my sleeping brain. XD Here's hoping it's the twins!

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remembered a dream in ages. Maybe I need to read more...

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I think the only character I've really fully visualized is Allis. Well, Ellika, and Arta, and Sedra to a lesser extent, but that's mostly by behavior.

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I believe I'm sensing a theme here }:)

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I appreciate suspense, smut, and plot twists, the more intricate the better. And maybe a few other things, but those are the big ones.

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