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I've been reading this over the last few days, and I decided it's finally time to introduce myself because I am completely hooked. I ended up here by way of the Phoenix Requiem, and like some of you was confused to find that, upon clicking "start," I was presented with a story rather than a comic. Regardless, I am completely in love with this story. MeiLin, I adore your writing style, the world you've created, and I both love and hate your for you cliff hangers. Mostly love. Smile

As for me, I'm a college student in the southeast, in my last year before heading off to get my PHD. I'm applying for grad schools right now, and this story has provided me with a great way to avoid my personal statement until I finally caught up. (In case anyone wants to know, the PHD I'm after is in Russian Language and Linguistics.)

Similar to the majority of you, I am also a lifetime SF/F fan, and I have been secretly taking your book recommendations for a while. When provided with a good story I basically devour it, which can be bad for my productivity level. I don't know if there's anything else I should say. Outside of the whole being a student thing, I work at the library and participate in a community service organization. Lately my life has been owned by grad school apps and visits (next week! ahh!), as well as my senior thesis.

Oh, and as far as my favorite book/author goes, I'm in love with Fyodor Dostoevsky and probably always will be. Crime and Punishment just does it for me, and I'm a pretty big fan of the rest of the Russian greats (Tolstoy, Blok, Chekov, Akhmatova, Bely, Lermontov, Nabokov, etc.). I guess it comes with the territory.


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Good to have you on board--welcome to the ranks of the addicted Smile Are you going into a combined masters/doctorate program, or is your senior thesis what one might call a master's thesis?

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It's a combined masters/doctorate program. 5 yrs. My senior thesis is really just my senior thesis. (But a headache, all the same.)

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Most High

Thanks for introducing yourself, and for being a reader. As for cliffhangers, you guys, geez! It's a serial! When the cliffhangers stop it's because the story's over. Smile

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I'm glad the story's not over, or close to it. I won't get as mad at myself for sitting down to read it when it doesn't suck me in for hours at a time. I rather like this whole web serial idea. Smile

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