Mill Avenue Vexations

So I found another addition to my stable of quality web lit Smile Mill Avenue Vexations,

Vex is a feisty goth babe cabbie with a calm, focused demeanor and a knack for finding all sorts of supernatural mysteries...and troubles. There's 8 volumes already, at several chapters each--plus some bonus stories. Go check it out if you've exhausted MeiLin's archives. As you get deeper into the story, it's also interesting how the author's modeled the backdrop on actual locations in an attempt to recognize and preserve a place and culture that's been fading. (

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Yeah, me too. I found it last week I guess. I just wish there was more of the main story!

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Yeah, I picked it up a while back. It hasn't updated in some time, which is sad.

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From what I've gathered, it's not a 'real' web serial that posts chapters every week or every month...Kyt releases the volumes as distinct blocks, often with rl publishing as well, and then eventually they find their way to the web. I've chatted with her a bit and she's mentioned the fall/winter publishing 'season' which assures me the project isn't abandoned, and leaves me optimistic.

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I got tired of that one

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I’m so glad you recommended this; I LIVE there. I hang out on Mill every weekend. It’s fun to read another person’s fantasy accounts of a real place. This is awesome.

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1. How accurate is she? *curious*
2. Tell your friends! Biggrin

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