Alive! (stupid huricane)

I'm back! muahahaha. yeah, Mr. Ike knocked out power at my place for over a week and I finally got it back yesterday. Other than that no damage no injuries. My neighborhood is this magical island of calm in a sea of destruction. I don't think any of the trees even lost branches here. The neighborhoods on either side are trashed though. They don't have power yet, they've got trees that got lifted out of the ground root and all and put down a block away, roofs smashed, fences missing and or splintered. I feel bad for them, but glad for me. I have my internet back I finally got a job I'm good. But anyway back and lurking once again. (wanders off to catch up)

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Most High

Glad you're more or less okay! Here's hoping your neighbors recover, too, and welcome back!

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Sounds like magic. Blum 3

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