So, I'm kinda quiet but my mother taught me it's just plain rude not to introduce yourself. Hi, nice to meet you all Biggrin

I've been reading for a while and this is truly unusual for me. My friends will tell you that I am fanatic about not picking up a book until the entire series is finished. I love to immerse myself in the world completely and then know for sure that I have to let it go and return to my own. There are a few authors that I am refusing to read until they die because I know they'll keep writing until then :P. Nuts, I know. Fortunately for me, this story and the writing and the world have sucked me in and won't let me go. It may change the way I read entirely.

Thank you MeiLin for your beautiful work. I'll try to comment periodically, but if I don't express appreciation often, please remember that my usual method for thanking and supporting people involves food not words, and I am thus out of my native habitat.

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Most High

What kind words. Smile I'm glad you're reading now, because I intend to be writing this for a very, very long time--probably until I stop writing altogether, which will be close to when I die. I'm in my late 40s now and have died once already. I think my next death won't be for another 40 years or so. It may take me that long to get through all ten years of the History!

If you could support me with food, I'd let you. Smile

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I actually sympathise with your desire to want to read finished works, but there is something inspiring about living stories as well. It is wonderful that you are able to enjoy this one, and possibly many others through it.

I am also a supporter through food! Sometimes I wish I could send tasty things to people without it coming off as scary, but I've learned to accept it and stumble over my words instead.

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Nice to meetcha!

As someone who's personal favorite series is currently in the process of being written, at the agonizing pace of one novel a year, I heartily commend your resolve. The difference here, as I feel it to be, is that this is a community, where being part of the creation process serves as very adequate compensation for having to wait on updates. Getting to know the author as she writes it, and even having some small amount of influence on the story itself, gives you a very deep connection to, and a greater appreciation of, the story. I find I like it, even if it does mean I can't read at my own pace.

In any case: welcome.

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Happy to welcome another reader from Lurkdom! I waited a while to comment, because I didn't want to sound like a complete prat when I did post. I had such a huge hate on for the "First?" and "OOK"s at ToMU that I didn't want to say anthing if it wasn't a well reasoned and insightful commentary on the sociopolictical underpinning of Tremontine society or some such thing. Obviously, I've gotten over this.

So, glad to see you! What's your pic, I can't tell, small laptop screen, sorry.

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the icon is an old (maybe '30s?) photo of a couple of dancers doing the lindy hop and having lots of fun doing it ... little busy for an icon but ShrugSmile

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