A lurker by nature am I...

...but I s'pose I ought to be more sociable once in awhile, though explaining who I am... *whine*

And I should also mention that I have no idea how this splitting thing works.

I'm 22, just graduated with a BA and I have no idea what I'm doing next. This is the scary part, as I suspect that I am very slightly OCD. I've been in a relationship for all four years of undergrad, and before graduation, we had plans set for the next year, and were hoping to move towards a future together. Unfortunately (for me, hah!), my boy went away with his mother for a vacation during which he was told he couldn't call me due to phone limitations and the fact that he doesn't pay his phone bill, and when he got back, his summer plans had changed, leaving him on the other side of the country, and sadly, he freaked out and broke it off. Then he freaked out again and didn't want to be broken up, and it's a long story from there, but we're single until we figure out what to do next (mind you, he moves to within ten minutes of me, and walking distance from my current workplace, in a few days).

So it's been a long summer of my freaking out over various things (no transportation, job winding down to part-time, deaths and cancer and other random horrid things like that in the family), ending with me here waiting for sleep to kick in and deciding to introduce myself. I'm a native lurker, fairly anti-social in reality, though thanks to my theater days people tend to just see a happy and vibrant people-person. Dig deeper, you find Catholic Guilt and a quietly rebellious misanthrope. Deeper still, you'll find me here (not many people would expect to find me here).

Hi! *waves*

I'm an avid reader, and actually got here in a quest to not be so conservative with my reading choices, to say nothing of my own attitudes towards sex in general. While I love it, I'm also a recovering Catholic, something my atheist boyfriend and I have been trying to work out, because while I no longer feel myself connected to the Church, I feel all of that lovely Guilt. I was also interested in seeing how web serials progress, namely because it allows me to see the creative process on a more daily scale, and I've also dabbled in writing. My main failing (in my opinion) is my lack of specificity. I can't paint a picture with words. My characters rarely, if ever, grow into themselves because I write things that are much too short for them to do so. I think that this is all changing, because I've become a much more verbose person (see Introductory Post), and my last attempt had some growth, I feel. At least on my end, since the characters ended up very different than I expected. I ended up wishing that I could expand on it, and feeling very stuck, and it was finals week, so I began to read this instead.

That's my story, or at least a very small part of it. I actually think that I've been reading this for close to 6 months or so, but registration was put off, and introduction, still more so. This story kept me company when I threw my back out and had to sleep alone instead of with the Boy, and now again during my summer.

Maybe now I'll become more involved in the forum? Smile

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Most High

Thanks for finally introducing yourself! Smile

As for your writing: You're all of 22. Keep plugging at it. If you had read some of the crap I produced at that age you'd wonder if I were the same person. It takes time, experience and practice before you start producing stuff you don't want to burn immediately on rereading, take it from me.

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Haha, so my co-workers tell me, but they're more of the, "Drop law school, come be a psychologist with us!" camp. It always amuses me. One of my profs wanted to find a publisher for my final short story in his class, but it was a bit too historically inclined for many people to be interested.

The beauty of a liberal arts school: a government prof forcing government majors to write short stories, haha!

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welcome fellow lurker. dont worry, they only bite here if you ask them to Smile

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Welcome! It seems you've managed registration and posting just fine. Seems like you found a good place for a recovering Catholic...like Wumingde said, we bite if you ask us to Wink You're also not the only one fairly anti-social in reality. If there's any topic in particular that you don't really understand, or want other people's perspective on, try posting it over in Ask Sir...just look at the the response some of the threesome threads have spawned.

And don't mind MeiMei, she's a bit ageist now and then *pokes MeiLin*

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Most High

I remember 22 and even if she weren't half as fucked up as I was, she should still cut herself some slack. Blum 3

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