Yet another introduction

Can you imagine the traffic in this forum thread a year from now as MeiLin's popularity grows exponentially?

Heya, I'm a 24 y.o. farmer and a newlywed (just celebrated 3 months!) here in northeastern USA. Favorite things include: animals (I raise meat goats & dairy cows, have 2 cats and a puppy, and have taken care of assorted other domestic animals at one time or another), martial arts (blackbelt in Shito Ryu karate, working on blackbelt #2 in Isshin Ryu karate), and reading/writing fiction (no surprise there).

I'm a sporadic participant in online conversations - short bursts of high activity with long absences between. Um... I just barely skimmed some of the other recent intros, so I don't know what other info is commonly offered/solicited.

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Most High

Thanks for introducing yourself!

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I think you covered the bases well.

That's the cool thing about the community here.
Disclose what you are comfortable with.
We may badger you for more but don't take it too seriously.

We's just a bunch of curious cats is all.

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It's a good thing I like cats then Wink And badgers, for that matter.

And why yes, the primary reason I think badgers are so cool is because of Brian Jacques' Redwall books.

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It sounds intriguing. I wonder if there are any characters in these books with whom I might identify, perhaps even so much as to take my second name after them? Hmm. Mysteries. Kiss 2

Brian Jacques for the win.

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Haha, I was so distracted by your nifty fox-circle icon, I didn't even pay attention to your nickname. I cut my fantasy teeth on Redwall - the first proper fantasy novel I ever remember reading was picking Salamandastron at random in a bookstore. The first science fiction novel I recall picking out was Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey in my middle school library. That led directly to my discovery of fanfiction & online role-playing (play-by-e-mail RPGs were to my teen years as D&D was to many others'), which led to my delight in reading/writing stories online in general, and now here I am. (So y'all can thank or blame Jacques & McCaffrey for this post).

Does anyone else vividly recall their first fiction? It's always fun to hear what authors got people hooked first.

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