Camping bites

  • Posted on: 8 August 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I was supposed to have wifi at this campground--yeah yeah, I know, that would make it NOT camping, but that's the point! I am not a camper, or at least not a happy camper. (Poor Sir, I'm trying to be good but not succeeding.) But we ended up at a different campground and now I don't even have reliable access to electricity. So I'm up the road here just putting out the worst fires before I have to go back and rejoin the Stone Age. Though I suppose they didn't have toilets, showers and inflatable mattresses in the Stone Age, huh? sigh. At least I brought along a huge pile of books and some perfume imps to console me. Oooh! And some chili spiced dried mangos I forgot all about! OK, I can do this. I can go back to that campground and face this.


Anyway, this is the long version of me saying that Tuesday's update will probably be late in the day Tuesday. I was hoping to get some writing done while camping, and that's just not gonna happen.


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I'm sorry, it had to be said >.>

Have as much fun as you possibly can, and talk to you soon.

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I love camping.... trade with you!

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Most High

You are a lot younger than I am. When you're as old and creaky as I am, you mightn't like sleeping on the ground much either. Smile

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I'm a big camping fan. Plus, like you, I enjoy reading. As you can guess, my camping bag is always loaded with several books during camping trips haha! Hope you had fun!

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As in, I was not aware you were updating regularly again, should I be checking somewhere other than the Newest link?

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Most High

I am updating, but not regularly. I had a stroke. More in the blog.

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