It's about time

That I say hello.

I'm a 22yo of the female persuasion. Right now I'm back living at home and I've got my fingers in a little bit of everything, but so far, I'm still looking to find something to support me since I was forced to drop out of college 3 weeks from graduation to have surgery. Currently I'm trying to get hired at the local library, have about 100 other applications out around town and I'm working on starting up my jewelry business again (reference the Thellie's Jewelry, Etc. ad at the top of the page - shameless plug).

I love hiking, handi-crafts, reading, writing, cooking, being a bottle redhead, spending rare time with my friends (they're now spread across the globe and across the country), and listening to my huge music collection. I spend far too much time online IMing with my distant friends, reading webnovels such as this one, and messing around on lj.

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Most High

And thank you for buying adspace!

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Thanks for the welcome and you're quite welcome for the thanks! ^_^

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You know, anyone who buys adspace on MeiLin or other webnovels should make an intro post. I try to click even mildly-interesting ads, in general, since it helps the authors--and definitely when I think of the advertiser as a fellow reader.

Unfortunately, your wares really aren't my bag >.

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Well, thanks for trying anyway. I do the same as you with clicking the ads, since often it helps bring in revenue for the website, and sometimes you find interesting things that way. And I agree, it would probably make me more interested in checking out the ads if I thought of the advertiser as a fellow reader instead of a faceless mini-corporation.

And to think, I almost didn't mention it because it felt like it was (as noted) a shameless plug, which I really didn't intend for it to be.

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It is definitely a nice personal touch to be able to associate a fellow reader with the advert [and as an aside, your hair looks great in your icon, I would never have thought that it wasn't naturally that color :d ].

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Thanks, that was taken the day before V-Day about 3 hours after I dyed it, so no roots and before it could start fading! lol

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welcome and well met!

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