Hello all. Yet another early-20's gamer nerd here. I enjoy reading, obsessively cleaning my apartment, photography, baking and cooking, tabletop gaming, World of Warcraft, fixing my car, and occasionally I even edit Wikipedia. I'm a jack of all trades, but have a degree in none- the money just hasn't worked out yet. I'm not really chaotic evil, but lawful good was taken. My favorite flower is the noble dandelion, my current favorite internet thingie is Dr. Horrible, my favorite webcomic is Something Positive, my favorite game is Rock Band, and my favorite food is chicken tortilla soup. I wish I had blue hair.

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Something Positive is lovely. And don't just wish you had blue hair- do it! It's awesome! I will as soon as my job is done and I'm allowed again. It's serious fun and looks fantastic. Biggrin

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Most High

I'm seriously thinking of doing mine purple. why the hell not!

Please come and obsessively clean my house. And rock on with your dandelion self! I love them. The greens are tasty and the flowers make awesome tonic wine, too. (Note to self: Should rack off this year's batch from the carboy.)

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welcome aboard!

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See my sig Smile And dandelions seem to be featuring prominently in the herbalism class of another webserial, More Tales of MU ( Good to have you aboard!

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Which table top games? There are quite a few of us geeks here too. Mei seems to draw us like moths to a flame. (Masochism is goooood)

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