Hey there forumites!

I'm Alex. Err... long time reader, first time introductioner?

I'm a creative writing major at Tulane in New Orleans, LA; poetry has been my focus for a while, but I've recently turned more of my attention to prose, especially since I started writing a serial webnovel (Children of the First).

I have to credit both Alexandra Erin and MeiLin with inspiring me to actually get my ass in gear, and so far it's going pretty well!

Lessee... other stuff...

Oh, I'm also a musician and a teaching assistant in a charter school's creative writing program, and my best friend is a ball python named Ozy. (He's awesome).

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Most High

Excellent, I love snakes. Sir, however, does not, so we don't have one. Welcome to non-lurkdom!

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What is it with Guys not liking reptiles. Gee all I want is a cute little frog.

Anyway welcome Alex.

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Then a frog should do just fine, being as frogs are amphibians. Wink

/boring pedantic stuff that doesn't make any dude like slimy and/or scaly creatures any more

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I rather enjoy what's up so far of Children of the First. Go, ye forumites, and give it a shot.

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Welcome into the open!

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A housemate of mine during college had a couple of ball pythons. One of them used to sneak out all the time and fall asleep in our warm laundry. It was cute, and it certainly kept things interesting.

Good luck balancing your writing with everything else you have going on. Seems like a fun story so far, more power to you!

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I got to snake sit for my cousin's ball pythons. The rodent extermination was most enjoyable. I don't like rodents with the noted exception of rats. The survival technique of BREED MORE and to hell with the brains is bad. Rodents are food. (No offence to the rats that are quite smart critters)

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Not even BigSkull rodents? I agree with you about most domesticated rodents; it is difficult for me to find prey behaviour endearing. There's something about semi-aquatic rodents in particular, though, that I can't quite file away into the 'just for eatin''category.

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