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Hi. I'm IEGeth. I'm currently a 21 year old college senior working towards getting my degree in Theatre Arts with an acting and directing emphasis. Right now I am planning on going to grad school after I graduate in order to study Japanese theatre, but thing are up in the air. I live in Wisconsin and go to school in Iowa. In my spare time I love to read, play various computer games, and dabble in writing essays on theatre and some short fiction.

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Most High

Welcome to the site! It's good to have you aboard. We seem to have an inordinate number of both students and theater people. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not what I ever expected! Biggrin

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The theatre bit I think is rather easily explained.
Creative folks usually have some exposure or experience in theatre. Even if it was only a few plays in High School. (Or if you are in high school right now it could be the beginning of a career I suppose. Get out now while you still can though. Trust me!)
I will admit that there are quite a few people who have focused on theater here though. It is always nice to be in such company I think. Biggrin

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Japanese Theater?
Koh? Or something less formal?

Please explain your focus a bit more. That sounds very interesting being something of a Japanophile myself.

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I 'm kind of focusing on just about everything right now, but I've focused on Noh drama and have been reading a lot of the more contemporary pieces recently. Part of my graduation requirements is a show that I direct or act in, and I'm either going to present a kabuki play or something more contemporary.

As for getting into theatre, I wasn't active in High School, but I'd done some work in middle school and for a class or two. I guess that makes me the exception to the rule. I had enough experience with the technical side to learn one thing... actors are dumb. Only the smart actors know this, and at least try to learn. I learned this from one of the best actresses that I have ever worked with.

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