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I don't know how start except to just go for it. I have started to get excited during the day-- not horny exactly, but in dire need of some sort of release it seems. A yearning, if you will, and very intense. It hits about 2 pm (when I am in class or at work) and I just wish I could be with the husband, who, btw, has excellent oral skills.

I have always enjoyed sex, but never initiated solely for my own benefit. While I don't have earth shaking orgasms, I do come regularly during sex. I have been stressed at school with papers and upcoming finals. I have had one child by c-section 3 years ago and have an IUD (semi pertinent info without too much squick, I hope).

What the heck is going on??

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It sounds like it could just be natural hormonal changes, especially if you are under more stress than usual. Even things like weather/diet changes, seasonal allergies, regular fluctuations in hormone levels can act as stressors on your body. When one thing is adding to that more than usual, all the little things just affect you more. Your body is probably just trying to balance things out.

I wouldn't be worried about it at all, and I wouldn't be surprised if you rode it out for a bit and noticed yourself feeling more regularly after you finish up your exams, or knock out some of the other things that may be stressing you a bit. If you think it's really interfering in a long term way, or possibly a symptom of something else, you should talk to your doctor, but I don't think it sounds abnormal, even if the timing is suboptimal.

It sounds like it's not so much interfering with your life and just confusing you because you came out of the blue. I know some people can take a quick bathroom break at work/school to get themselves off, but obviously it depends on the person or the environment. If it's really bothering you while you're trying to be productive in the middle of the day, you could try packing a brainfood snack [something carby with omega 3 fatty acids would boost your serotonin levels a bit, especially in the mid afternoon, since that is when a lot of people's serotonin levels bottom out for the day]. If you can work a bit of extra sunshine or exercise into your schedule, it might also help you feel better and de-stress.

Anyway, that was long winded, but I don't think it is anything to get worried about, and I hope things get a little more laid back for you soon.

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I have been pretty stressed, but hopefully it will subside in the next couple of weeks!

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Most High

He's elbow deep into the guts of a machine right now, and I'm writing chapter 16. We do intend to answer!

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Most High

Seriously, what is the issue?

IF you find yourself getting turned on in funeral parlours, seek a counselor. IF you find yourself turned on while watching cleanings at your local fish counter, seek counseling. IF you find yourself turned on while feeding birds, eating oysters, doing laundry, or writing a letter to a college friend, you are rather normal.

Hah! I spent all of my high-school years lifting desks right after lunch, and I turned out all right Wink

Yay! You are human! There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting turned on. You will find that your arousal will move from time to time and and from place to place. Perfectly normal.

Go for it! Or, if you can't, due to the time of day, sit on those lovely parts of yours, squirm a bit and then jump hubbies bones when you get home.

You said this, and this bothers me:
"I have always enjoyed sex, but never initiated solely for my own benefit."

Why not?!?!

Sex is a motivator, an instigator, a sedative, and placator, all rolled into one. Don't abuse people in your need, but the truth is that a spouse is there, in part, to meet those needs. YOUR needs, just as your are there to meet their needs.

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Yes! I have not been taken over by alien invaders then. Smile I was concerned because it has never really happened before, as I lack certain desk lifting equipment myself... I guess growing up with the sexisbaddonttalkaboutitanditwillgoaway idea that my family and some of American society subscribes to made me have a minor freak out-- am I normal?

I have taken more of an iniative in our, scratch that, MY sex life, but when I want it, he is busy, and then by the time he is done doing his thing, it's well past time I should be asleep. I go to work/school and drop the boy off at daycare before 8 am; he sleeps til 10:30.

I have read most of the other threads in the Dear Sir category and am perhaps leaning more toward 'taking matters into my own hands', so to speak. I have always been curious about various toys, but I think the hubby may not share my curiosity. I have broached the subject with him before with an indifferent/slightly concerned response, but maybe I should be a big girl and buy my own toys. Biggrin

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Most High

Go buy toys, and invite that man into bed with you to try them out.

I have never met a man who isn't willing to audition some toys with a naked, willing partner.

I am sure that some exist, but I have yet to meet one Wink

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My friend's girlfriend has only recently started to get so horny during the day she can't concentrate at work. So she calls him and begs him to come make out with her.

(Why making out should solve the problem is beyond me, but hey, he seems flattered)

In any case, this is only a recent development, and it's irritating her because it's so distracting at work. Count your blessings, I guess? But yeah, it's normal. Unsettling, perhaps, but normal ^_^

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Rather than worry about it, I suggest you get your husband in on the act. Nothing gets a man going like knowing his woman is having lewd and lascivious thoughts about him. If you both have cell phones, send him a text message. Be specific. "God, I'm horny" will get his attention, but "I want your dick" will definitely throw him for a loop. If you want to totally destroy his concentration for the rest of the day, send him a picture. If you're feeling particularly wanton, send him a short movie.

My wife has taken to doing this occasionally. When she does, I find I have a hard (sic) time concentrating on anything but her for the rest of the day.

Keep it to your personal mobiles, though. Sending something like that to a corporate email account - or even to a personal account he checks from work - can lead to Very Bad Things.

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VBT we can do without... Smile

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