Figured I would say hello as well

I've been following this story for a few months now. I keep trying to get my wife to read this but for some reason she keeps forgetting to follow the links. Bad wife.

Not a word smith in any way, shape or form but I do enjoy a good yarn. I do work in an obscure corner of the entertainment market though.

I build playhouse theaters (And theme park rides and museum dioramas ect.) I am a rigger by trade and have also worked a few small shows in my time with names like The Super Bowl, Shakira, and Barbara Streisand.

Getting lost a few times a week when I am away from home is a wonderful thing. Thanks ever so much Meilin. Working on the road can be very lonely and this has given me a bit of a feeling of being home. (Though it can be very frustrating at the same time)


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Most High

I love to know who's reading. A rigger, huh? I know a guy who used to do pyrotechnics for Sid and Marty Krofft on Ice. He's now a lawyer. that just kills me--sid and marty krofft on ice...

Anyway, cool job and thanks so much for reading!

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very cool job! I loved building theatre sets and such back in the day, and I adore construction. It sounds like a lot of fun.... and you get to rappel for work? how cool is that?

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I'm sorry you have to spend so much time away from your family, but I'm glad your occupation is fulfilling enough to make it work.

My favorite part about theatre tech jobs was always working up on the catwalk, and it sounds like you get to do that to an additional order of magnitue, full-time.

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I followed your link and was immediately fascinated. I enjoy RPG video games, have always had a desire to play D&D, and kinda sorta dabbled in Magic The Gathering, but table top LOOKS like playing dollhouse but with war? I am in!

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There was a thread on another forum I frequent that asked how you tell people what you do. My irreverent quip is that I play with little dollies.

For more information on my favorite games go here:
and here:

My favorite part of the gaming experience is creating terrain pieces. I am currently working on a piece with a working elevator. I don't think anyone has ever done that before. I try to break new ground on what people think is possible with terrain building.
Most folks focus on the painting of figures aspect of the games as well as the tactical ramifications of list construction and play styles.

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