The Vixen

I just decided to bite the bullet and verify myself. I'm Slagar's woman, hence the user name (which I don't use anywhere else, but I thought it cute).

I have to say, I love BPAL. I'm mostly here for the story and the BPAL, but I tend to stay for the sex.

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And I'm glad you verified...verifying means points, and points mean bonus stories Biggrin And while you can't request a scene for the story, a good question can certainly steer it.

Love your avatar, by the way -- classy+playful+sexy.

No, damnit, I'm not a furry--I just get a pleasant feminine vibe from the av Blum 3

Anyway, welcome! A close, personal friend of Slagar's is a friend of ours.

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hehe, I'm glad you like, I needed something that matched Slagar's, but looked distinctively like a vixen. I actually typed in Kitsune and got this one.

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Most High

Came for the BPAL, stayed for the smut! Biggrin

Are you on at Lunacy tonight!! double yay! Though I'm hoping it's something I don't want. Next month the Halloweens go up along with the last acts of the Carnaval Diabolique, and I want to save $$ to order the CDs before they go away in September. So far I don't want a lot (har har). Habu, Boomslang, Grindhouse, Australian Copperhead, maybe Coral Snake. Haven't gotten the Grindhouse Ladies or Wunderkammer decants yet, so that might change. And I lost my entire bag of Act IV decants--Blockhead, Illustrated Woman, etc--so I haven't been able to try all of them. I HAVE to find them, it's making me nuts!

And then there are all the new GC scents--the Steampunks and the Pharmacopeia, and the Marchen are coming this fall. aaaaagh! I'm so broke!

ANYway, welcome to the forum, kitling. If I were younger I'd envy you your man, but as it is I pat you both on the head and say "pretty children." Wink

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No, actually I steer as far away from that website as possible, because I don't have any money right now lol.

It's a very very DANGEROUS place for my pocket book.

Actually, I just recently bought my first set of imps for my birthday (back in January), and I got (hold on, they're right here in my purse), Uruk (Slagar used do to be an Uruk-Hai in Belegarth, so I thought that was cute - smells like cola), New Orleans (LOVE this!), Centzon Totochtin (came free, don't know why, didn't choose it, smells like chocolate, not a big fan), Black Annis (also came free, smells like licorice, not bad, especially considering I bought Absinthe), Absinthe (smells like lemons... why lemons?), Bordello (smells like cotton candy... kinda sick humor), and Calico Jack (Love this also!).

The next thing I'm thinking of getting is something out of the Neil Gaimon collections, probably Stardust first, but they don't come in imps... so many flavors, so little cash.

The funny thing is, I never wear perfume, and I usually have one or two I stick with per season anyhow, but I love things that smell, so I love collecting scents. Also, funny story. I'm talking to Slagar about wanting a summer everyday scent, something more earthy, but not spicy, he says to me "Oh you'd like this stuff MeiLin reviews, its called BPAL..." "Honey, I already know about BPAL, I bought all those imps and wore them for you." "No that was like Black Phoenix something..." "Honey... what are the initials of that?" "Oh... It's BPAL isn't it?"

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Most High

If you're broke, the forum is THE place to get imps. You can get them for as little as a dollar an imp! It's how I grew my collection. I could never have afforded everything I have if I'd bought directly from the Lab. You can get decants--imp-sized samples--of the Gaimans and other non-impable scents at the forum.

The Lab gave you Centzon Totochtin as a "frimp," a "free imp." They give awesome frimpage depending on how much you order. Last night's order I placed (I caved, I've been so good but there was a Chaos Theory and a forum-only based on one of Beth's pregnancy dreams, dammit), I will probably be generously frimped.

If you tell me what notes you like I can tell you what scents you might like!

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and welcome to the madness

I love it here.

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