So, I had to ask...

Why Cheez-Its? They're damn cute all over the place, but there's got to be a reason.

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Looky here and the comments following it, and in the wiki.

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Ah, interesting. Before I joined and started commenting (or reading comments).

I wonder in the commentator recognizes that most "literature" is not written a chapter at a time in all its full, edited, and beautiful glory. What we're reading would, to a novelist, be a first draft. For that, sheesh, it's damn good. I proof for an author, and a couple author-hopefuls. Their second and often third drafts are not as good as this. They're in drafts nine or ten before they send it to their publishing house, where it gets edited again, and sent back for additional revisions.

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I totally forgot that I'd asked that question. (Also, that's awesome.)

Cheez-it person, whoever you are... if you're reading this, do you think the story has improved?

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Most High

Hasn't dropped by, in logged-in fashion anyway, in 6+ weeks.

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Coffehouse poetry slams are serious and time-consuming business, don't you know. Wink

I feel no remorse having a mild snrk at her expense, because I spent 4 years in a deprtment brim-full of People With Literary Pretensions. Yeah, you could totally hear the capitals when they spoke. I'm trying not to laugh now just thinking about it.

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