Jobs = :(

Just curious as to how much soul is being sucked out of people by various job(s) they have. Since I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed xD (though I blame a lot of that on my boyfriend)

Job 1. My full time summer job, coding things for a start up. Nominally 40 hours a week; I usually work 9:30am to 7 or 8pm so it's closer to 50. On the bright side, I do get fed, and the extra hours go towards my end-of-summer bonus.

Job 2. Contract work, programming things for a student group. Winds up being about 5 hours a week when they're stressing and 3 when they're not.

Job 3. Not actually a "job", but I co-own a pet sim (yes, you may laugh). It does make some money, and I'm not the only owner, and thus I do have to put in around 5 hours a week of bug-squashing, maintenance, new features and similar type things.

So average out to like... 55-60 hours a week. And then my boyfriend wants to see me EVERY DAY and have me sleep over at his house at least half the week, even though I live 10 minutes closer to his job and 20 minutes closer to mine, because it's air conditioned at his place. Except it's like fifty degrees at night here year round. Open the window and stop whining.

Needless to say, this is A LOT of time drain. (And may also explain why I keep three handles of alcohol and various mixers lying around for the weekends). Any other tales of woe / tales of how awesome your job is / tales of how evil your boss is / general amusement-ness?

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Most High

I'm self-employed, d'you see.

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I have bad luck with jobs:

Three jobs ago I worked as a lab monitor for my college. I worked there for about 7 months, before the head of the department passed away from cancer. Our department was merged with another one and all the student hours were reassigned by seniority. I had been working 20, and was cut to 5, so I left to work at Wal-Mart.

At Wal-Mart I worked in electronics. My previous three jobs had been desk jobs, but this was retail and I was ALWAYS on my feet. I somehow sprained both my ankles. They didn't seem to heal, so I saw a doctor who said I had a form of arthritis that erodes the bone and I wouldn't be able to work on my feet. He wouldn't release me to go back to work, but we were moving soon anyway, so meh...I spent time packing.

My most recent job, I was fired from. I worked for two weeks. Then I got hit by an SUV while walking (no permanent damage to me!!). Since I'd worked part time for such a short period and wouldn't be able to work for at least three months, they fired me.

I've had a few more, most were a lot better. I worked for three years in a library, which I really enjoyed. I also worked at a Hollywood video for 6 months before moving and LOVED it. I've done bill collecting (it's hard to imagine how...crazy...that job was). I've done web design and have been paid to perform music and do photography.

...I really don't want to look for another job >.> So I'm going back to school! Going to finish my BA in English and get a MA in Library Science. I'm looking forward to (re)starting this fall!

btw Marri - Ask him if he likes boobs. Then tell him where he's sleeping XD

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Typical work day Monday to Friday

06.00 alarm goes off
06.30 leave home
0640 arrive restaurant; two glasses of iced Vietnamese coffee and read ‘The Cambodia Daily’ and ‘The Mekong times’
07.00 driver arrives to pick me up
07.30 arrive at office, work until
12.00 go out for lunch
13.30 arrive back at office and work until
16.00 leave office to visit customers (bars, restaurants, et cetera) and drink Ice Cold Tiger Beer
19.00 arrive home and collect my wife
19.30 visit more customers (bars, restaurants, et cetera) and drink Ice Cold Tiger Beer
22.00 stop visiting customers and go to my own bar and restaurant, check on how things are going
22.01 driver finishes work
23.00 wife drives me home
23.30 night night

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It's tough there but it's life!

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Are you old enough to remember The Dead Kennedys ?

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They disbanded before I was born. Blum 3

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Most High

And get off my lawn.


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Quick woman, run and cut me a switch !

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I worked in retail for two years, and the only reason I stayed physically healthy was because of the massive quantities of garlic and green veggies I was eating. Now I'm a sort-of student (VERY draining) and tech support for my uni (very fun!). It's the school stuff that leaves me feeling exhausted, all the freakin' time. As of today I'll be riding my new bicycle to work, so hopefully I'll be in better shape physically... a healthy mind in a healthy body, and all that.

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My boss is a slave-driver, too. Work, work, work. He'd let me work 24/7 if he could figure out a way to eliminate the need for sleep.

Yes, I'm also self-employed Wink

In all seriousness, Marri, I'm guessing you love what you do - it's just the extraneous crap that's grinding you down. I encourage you to simplify some things so you don't feel the need to get loaded on the weekends just to cope. That way lies disaster and an early grave...

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Working crazy hours can be awesome if you love your job, and I hope you do! Back when I was doing research at university, I was always nervous before getting my boss to sign my timecard because I was worried she would notice I was working 70 hours a week [during the summer session anyway]. The department didn't pay overtime, though, and my boss was awesome and kept pulling magic funding out of the aether whenever my grant stopped being able to pay me. I was already living with my partner back then so I fortunately never needed to worry about sacrificing time there.

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I'm going to go do that in a few hours!

I'm working a seasonal job as a lunch lady at a local baseball camp right now. It really sucks, we're getting minimum wage to do a great deal of work in any and all weather 6 days a week and the boss is a little insane. On the other hand, the owner decided that I am going to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the games sometimes, and performance makes my day, so I'll probably be happy here at some point.
I'm still really, really glad that it's a seasonal job and it ends in August, though.

All sympathy and empathy for those working at jobs they dislike!

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Luckily for me, I'm able to take this last summer off before I alternate school and co-op work terms every four months (which will last until early 2013). However, I'm starting to wish I had a job just to keep my cashflow going, but I know if I had one I'd want to have more free time. It's a bit of a catch 22, there.

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I do really enjoy what I do, it's just- because they're all coding- they're frustrating as all hell when it comes to squashing bugs. It took me 8 hours today just to get the website to connect to the server properly.

(Dear Boss: And you wonder why I hate the Google Web Toolkit. It fails. Please, please let me return to JQuery, which actually WORKS.)

And @faile486: because he works 12 hour days (his boss told them that she would 'try not to schedule too many 12 hours days in a row'), plus Friday and Saturday nights. And is getting paid under $900 for a month and a half of this. Which comes out to around $3 an hour, if you were curious.

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i'm currently working at two different (and competing) coffee shops... should be getting 3-4 shifts a week at both, it's not too stressful at the moment, but I was also volunteering for the past 2 weeks at an outdoor music festival, and in sept i'll be doing full time school plus 2 jobs..

i find that i will actually get more done if i am super busy, if i have nothing to do i will do nothing and be a lazy bum.

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That's gotta be weird-- neither has a problem with it? Smile

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I like my job. I'm a property manager, specializing in affordable housing under the IRS Section 42 (aka Tax Credit or LIHTC) program. We just finished a complete, $5 million renovation at the property I'm currently managing. We bought it almost exactly a year ago, and now that it's all beautiful and stable I suspect I'll be moving on to the next challenge.

I live 10 minutes from work on surface streets. I work pretty regular hours unless there's an emergency. Those are once a week -- at the most -- and don't require more than an hour of OT most times. I can't do anything but work from work, but that's ok with me. If it's really ungodly slow, I'll bring a book or the paper. That's pretty rare.

My main gripe is that my husband works a grave shift almost exactly opposite my schedule. I leave before he gets home. I get home in time to wake him up so he can leave. He works on my days off, and I work on his days off. That. Is. Annoying. That, too, is transient. Since he takes tech contracts it's only a matter of months before he'll move on to a different one, though this one has lasted surprisingly long.

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I work for the most neurotic, OCD, nitpicky person in the Universe. Thank the Goddess that she's not my only client--just currently the most lucrative. Smile An absolute Luddite, who not only cannot type, but refuses to learn because that is what she pays me for, says she. Today's routine was pretty typical of her--instruct me to transcribe information from a Web site, and instead of just letting me do it, she had to sit in the chair next to me and "advise". :?

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Trust me, you haven't met neurotic until you've met my mother's clients. She does computer consulting for the rich, snobby and computer-inept and they're Type A insane.

I would tell stories but if they got back to her clients, there would be many things of the trouble variety.

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However you don't survive in this industry if you don't love what you do. I work as a theatrical construction rigger. It is not at all uncommon to work 110 to 120 hours a week. I travel all over the US and often the world. This rather complicates my relationship with my wife and new son. We have been together for 10 years now and now I have a 6 month old at home. It is a very odd thing to only get to see your child on the weekends on a good week.

However there is nothing I would rather be doing. Walking I beams 100 feet above the deck with nothing between you and the ground but about 1 pound of air. I also get to rappel off of things to get to connection points.

We also work at the theme parks in and around Orlando. I've been in practically all of the rides in all four Disney Theme parks. I have also worked on a considerable amount of rides at Universal Studios, Sea World and Wet and Wild. (I got heat stroke working on the Disco H2O AKA the Tidy Bowl)

The long and short of it is that I never grew out of playing on jungle gyms. I just play on very large ones now. Biggrin

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My boyfriend would be so jealous Biggrin He's a production manager for a chamber music group. But that probably involves less climbing on things then your job does.

I wanna climb on I Beams Sad

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Wow, so many theatre people here! I started becoming interested in theatre back in college watching friends put on their productions. Although I'm not brave enough to go on stage yet, I have started running the lights and sound for the local community theatre. It's a fun hobby, and I love learning about what goes on beyond the stage.

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This is going to come off harshly but it is something of the state of the industry.
Technical crews do not on the whole like talent. There is less animosity in Community Theater then what often occurs in professional settings but it can be found there as well. The difficulties arise due to what is required by both trades.
The technical crew is charged with getting everything to run smoothly and to maintain a certain pace for the production.
Actors are asked to connect with an audience and to worry primarily about their performance.

Unfortunately these things are often mutually exclusive of each other. A rigger will have a cue that is based off very strict timing and an actor will delay their exit due to a reaction in the audience. Pipes finding the heads of actors have been a frequent result of this. Needless to say this aggravates the actors to no end and puts considerable pressure on the technical crew to try to adapt to the whims of the actors (Can you tell I'm a tech? I'm trying to be neutral here but it is hard.)

My job is truly wonderful in that I never have to deal with talent. We are building the venue not producing a show. All that occurs is concentrated technical work with few interruptions. A perfect situation indeed.

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So long as you're the one holding the pipe and not the head, it's all good, right? }:)

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At university we tempered this a bit by making the talent help out with things like priming the sets or any other busy work on the tech side of things. If they didn't show up, they couldn't go on. There was still an obvious undercurrent of talent vs tech, but it was much more jovial than anywhere else I've encoutered it. We did this in my high school's drama program as well, but that stemmed more from the fact that we were a small school, and the talent vastly outnumbered the tech by necessity, so every one needed to do a bit of everything to get a production up and running.

I realise this doesn't work in the real world for obvious reasons, [and even at university, this was the extra curricular drama program, not the actual drama department which is Serious Business], but it was a variation on the old feud that I found very interesting.

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Microbiology was a dream come true for me, every day was a new puzzle to solve. Sadly corporate downsizing took it away from me. Now I am a house wife/mom looking for work and getting more depressed by the day. Housework is the job that sucks the life out of me.
I want a wife to do it for me LOL.

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Funny thats what I am too. If you don't mind me asking where you are located I might be able to help some. I have contacts in different fields in several cities.


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part time, and it's my only real source of income during the summer months. Unfortunately, the company I work for has no events until September, so that effectively makes me unemployed. Bad month to have a double-the-usual utilities total and a car registration renewal due.

I am currently looking for other employment Wink

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