Stormageddon ( Dark Lord of All ) Is Recovering Beautifully

On Monday, my sweet, sweet, fat face baby had surgery. It was scheduled to last six hours, but they only needed four and a half of those hours. I was terrified, but everything went beautifully. I nearly launched myself into the arms of the surgeon, but he walked away before I could.

He did amazingly. There was just the tiniest bit of swelling, but he's eating and drinking normally. He's doing so well he got discharged yesterday. Now he's home crawling around after his older brother and demanding we pay attention to him.

He's got a long scar on the back of his head, and titanium screws holding the section of skull they removed in place, but he's up and kicking as much butt as a 10-month-old can.

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Most High

Thank you for telling us!! ❤❤❤

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I see your header every time I look at my RSS feeds, so thank you for the update. Very glad for you and your family that things are good.

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... very happy for you guys!


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