Not sure if anyone comes to this forum anymore, but I couldn't think of anywhere better for my tale of woe.

I recently came back to visit my family home after living abroad for close to 5 years, because my parents are selling the house and wanted help packing up. I found to my horror that despite the huge crate of my stuff they'd kept, my signed pre-order copies of Intimate History were gone. Apparently donated to the Library, who might've sold them or given them to Goodwill. SO, if anyone in the Pinellas County area has stumbled onto a copy of LaB or SiS, signed to Jeff... well I hope you enjoy them, but I'd at least like to know they're appreciated.

I might dump this on MeiLin's FB also, since that appears to be more active.

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Most High

I'm so sorry you lost your books! Let me know what happens!

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