Stormageddon ( Dark Lord of All ) Needs Surgery

He flipped off his changing table Friday night. I took him to the children's ER and during a CT scan to make sure there wasn't a skull fracture, they discovered a spot.

It occurred to me that outside of Mei, Sir, Tigger, and NorthwoodsMan, no one here (if there is anyone here) knows about Thing 2. So, just so were all on the same page, I now have two children.

The spot has nothing to do with the fall. (He's perfectly fine from his fall. He was back to smiling and flailing not even 5 minutes after.)It's not a tumor. It's called a cavernous malformation, and according to the neurosurgeon, it's shaped like a blackberry.

My baby needs brain surgery. My baby. needs. brain surgery.

Right now it's not causing any issues, but if not removed it can continue to grow and eventually cause seizures and other problems. Him falling led to the discovery of that spot. Falling from that height was a good thing, 'cause Lord knows if it was from the couch I wouldn't have taken him.

He's not even 9 months old. Sad

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I don't know what else to write as a response to this. So... *hugs*

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all the hugs you gave to give. Thank you.

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Love and prayers for ya and Thing 2. And hugs all around...

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I'm praying and that's keeping me calm at the moment. To make matters worse, we were just dropped from our insurance. Completely out of the blue.

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I believe that things happen for a reason. So falling off the change table was meant to happen so that you would find this thing. This in turn means that it WILL be dealt with - otherwise why would Serendipity bother to stick hir nose in?

You'll all get through this just fine. BELIEVE it.

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Most High

I'm just now reading about this. I'm so sorry if I've seemed distant; I've been keeping myself to myself, for what I believed was a good reason. Maybe not so much. We love you, Chu.

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