Better late than never?

I'm balunr (ballooner). I crew for hot air balloons - I used to be fanatical about it, but I'm old and tired now. Blum 3 And my friend who is a pilot has 2 small kids, which narrows the window of opportunity quite a bit.

Other than that, I'm a mainframe *gasp* programmer who knits, spins and occasionally dabbles in photography. I'm trying to talk a friend into giving up his darkroom setup so that I can immerse myself in another hobby that is past it's time.

Married for 13 years, 2 dogs, no kids. That's me.

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Most High

A spinner? Do I know you? Smile

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Have you been to Yarn School? I'm also on Ravelry as Grasshopper.

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Most High

But I am on Sheep Thrills. Smile

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And huzzah for spinning!

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I still use mainframes at work that probably date from the 70's--they're going to be around a lot longer than some people would expect.

Legacy + cheap company = no change.

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A couple of my co-workers and I theorize that baby boomer programmers retiring + l33t COBOL sk1llz = showers of $$$ in about 15 years. Probably not, but it's more of a sure thing than the lottery, I think Biggrin

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You should come. It's at - the page doesn't have all the details yet, but it's the last full weekend of September. Nikol is a fabulous cook, and the teachers are awesome. (They are also all friends of mine, but that doesn't diminish their awesomeness :P)

Here are the pictures from the class of Spring '08:

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