• Posted on: 8 December 2013
  • By: MeiLin

We are having what is for Portland bitterly cold weather! It got down to 12F last night. This is a problem for me; my heart condition is such that breathing cold air can bring on angina. Happened on Friday.

So I broke out the bunny hat! This is me (on the left)and my fellow bunny-wearing friend Ima. We are the Bunny Hat Gang. Hand over the chai and no one gets hurt!

Wherever you are, I hope you're warm!


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Those look so warm! I can't currently find my hat but I am going to have to scour the house for it. You know it's cold when I'm willing to wear it! When I got up this morning it was -2*. It's 5:30 at night right now and a whole 12*. It's this cold this early in the season...which means it's going to be a really harsh and cold one. Sad

Here's hoping y'all warm up over there. You aren't used to this stuff. Well...I'm not either but I DO live in a cold that often has extremes in temperatures.

Gudy's picture


... Ima wear a hat, too. Blum 3

That's certainly... bracing. But honestly? I'll gladly exchange a nightly low of 12F and clear skies for our current low of 48F and the attendant depressingly grey skies and constant drizzle.

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Most High

That's a pretty good description of our usual weather. I can't wait to have it back!

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I don't start wearing a cold weather hat regularly until it's regurlarly a high of 10F

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