Actual final new cover of Gratification Engine, really

  • Posted on: 31 October 2013
  • By: MeiLin

I had to scrap the last two attempts on the Gratification Engine cover; the lady was just showing too much skin, and even though the painting was a freakin' Renoir, it wouldn't have passed Amazon or iTunes muster. There was a tiny bit of possibly-nipple showing. The shame! I am disappoint; she looked so much like Anda.

Anyway, here's what I finally came up with. It's a Boucher, which is about a hundred years earlier than the time period I based the History on, but it's a lovely painting--a favorite of mine, of a mistress of Louis XV of France. (I like Boucher a lot anyway.) The whole picture displays her very sweet bottom, so we only see her from the waist up. It also fits the cover better. Behold:

She doesn't look as much like Anda, but the general effect fits the story. And it goes nicely with the cover for Fairy Tales Vol 1. Smile

Speaking of the Gratification Engine: its protagonist, Scholar Jep Burrman, appears in the opening segment of book three. He may possibly figure later. I'm still working that out.

Book three is far enough along that I'm going to start posting raw chunks in the patron area, starting tomorrow.


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... Boucher in general, and this picture in particular (so, apparently, did Boucher, since he seemingly created a dozen variations of it), the Renoir did fit better, I think. Still, it's lovely.

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Most High

...over at KBoards is because this is an erotica piece it would be held to a stricter standard, Renoir or not. So Marie-Louise O'Murphy it is. This picture always makes me feel a little ambivalent; Marie-Louise was only 14 when it was painted--when Louis XV took her as his mistress. Ugh.

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