Why I'm Finally Leaving CreateSpace for LSI

  • Posted on: 30 June 2013
  • By: MeiLin

I have been trying to get The Machine God printed since April. I have a book signing Friday. I guess I won't be signing (or selling) my latest because CreateSpace can't manage to print a simple graphic.

The wordmark--the book's title as it appears on the first page of the book--is a 400 dpi graphic. It's the same kind of graphic I've had in all three of my last CS books, nothing unusual about it. They can't seem to print it without pixelating it or feathering the edges, and they can't coherently tell me why. I've gotten conflicting reasons, conflicting reports as to which graphics--it's been one giant cluster-badword the whole three months I've been trying to resolve things. I have a book designer. We are not amateurs.

I gave up and submitted the file with a font title page in place of the graphic, but it looks amateurish and it's not what I want. I can't get the books in time for the signing anyway, even if I pay ten times normal shipping for overnight (and eat my profit margin completely). The last straw was when I tried to give feedback and got a canned response reminding me to make sure my graphics were at least 300 dpi.

Every single time I've done a book with CS, it's something. Can't find my ISBN, messed up my cover, always something. Their front end people are great, but their back end can't find its back end with both hands. This time I encountered such incompetence that I'm moving my books to LSI. I'm just fed up.


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I look forward to seeing what the new place can do

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