Chapter 9 is live, nervous breakdowns pondered

  • Posted on: 4 July 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I am pondering nervous breakdowns. AE is the clever one, she schedules them--one week every three months now. This is splendidly sensible, though I am considering one week out of every FOUR WEEKS. AE is unmarried, childless and has the one job. I am very married, very childed, and have other money-making ventures I must attend to in addition to this. Sir is very much in favor. I am unsure, but then I have weeks like this where NOTHING got done and the story took forever to come.

Anyway. Pondering. Whilst I'm pondering, enjoy chapter nine. It's up. And consider joining the Facebook group if you're on Facebook, and listing "Intimate History/Greater Kingdom" (just like that) in your LiveJournal profile as an interest. We need new readers. Not that the old readers aren't good--they're FABULOUS--but we need more.


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Then do it. I'd rather go a week every month then have you call it quits because the stress was too much. If you need the breaks, take 'em. We'll all survive.

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if you need the breaks, take 'em! It's better to have that peace of mind, knowing your readers aren't still up at three am waiting, than being frustrated and stressed because the story isn't coming.
Rest assured we'll still be here when you come back. Biggrin

rather like a husband is still there for his wife after that time of the month....
I don't know why I made that comparison. :?

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We can use a short break, too, to catch our breath, grab a shower, and change the sheets Wink

Seriously, MeiLin, you need to take care of ALL aspects of your life. An imbalance isn't good for you or your family, which ultimately isn't good for your writing. I think you'd lose more readers if you try to push things, and find yourself unable to keep your published schedule.

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maybe try giving yourself a few "out of jail free" tickets every month? I mean, you've been doing a kind of tug of war with your schedule. you shouldnt have to feel guilty for delaying a day, so why not just say three times a month you can skip an update? if you need it, that is. creativity can't always fit a schedule, and sometimes other life issues can't wait. plus stress.

just a suggestion.

anyway, I am also in favour of you feeling better soon and taking as much time away as you need.

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Most High

I'm just getting discouraged about the whole project---not that I'm going to stop writing, I can't. And not out of obligation to you guys, much as I love you; I've got to get this story out of me, and there's so much to tell. I'm just having trouble growing the audience, donations have ground to a halt, blah blah blah. I think mostly I just really need a nap. I was way too physical yesterday and I'm ground down. So I'm going to go do that.

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Maybe this is happening because it's summer? I'm a college student, and with my summer job, coaching, etc. I'm not online nearly as much as I am while I'm at school. I don't know what your audience demographic is, but this slowdown could be attributed to the fact that there aren't as many of us college age folks online 24/7 this time of year. I'd bet that you'll see a good sized spike in September.

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Most High

I keep forgetting that a good chunk of my readers are under 25, aka college kids. That's part of what needs to change--not that I don't want students, I do! I just don't want to rely on them. I need to broaden the demographic. I'm advertising at Smart Bitches Trashy Books in August (love that site, and I don't even read traditional romance novels aside from Heyer) and I'm hoping that brings in more folks in their 30s who will carry the site through the vacations. Smile if anyone has ideas for where I can advertise that would bring in non-student readers, I'm all ears.

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for what it's worth, i think your update schedule is much more reliable than AE's. a while ago i made a promise to myself that i would donate to her once she went 2 weeks straight with consistent updates, and i'm still waiting... (part of this is because i'm a graduate student and probably make less than she does from her bonus story updates alone...) as far as i can remember, this is the first time you've actually slipped, so i'd say you're doing a pretty good job. what i'm trying to say is that a bad week like this may make you feel like you need some big breaks, but your track record seems to indicate otherwise. maybe schedule things like holidays off, since those are bound to be more family-oriented?

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I hear it's summer break over there. It's actually winter midsemester break in the southern part of the world here, but the concept is the same. Everyone flocks to the snows/mountains/elsewhere for a bit and has fun.

So, yes. Make like the rest of the studenting world and go have a holiday Blum 3

Just remember to come back refreshed and uh... less nervous breakdown-ish. (Where's my thesaurus gone.) We'll all be worried/very sad if you don't.

As for relying on the college population... yeah, I can see the sense in that. We're not so great for donations, being poor students and all heh. Although on the other hand, you've got us young, we're likely to stick around Biggrin

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Most High

Train 'em up right. Wink Kiwi or Aussie, and if you've said, I heartily apologize. I can't remember where I'M from half the time right now...

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what if you just changed your schedule? It could include the same number of updates a month as if you took one week off a month, and you could write them however it worked for you. What if you went to an every other week thing, where the first week you updated on Tuesday and Thursday, and the second week you only updated on Wednesday, or something like that? You could keep the same Saturday thing going on that you have now. That way, you could still write for three weeks and take the fourth week off, but we wouldn't have to go a whole week without hearing from you. (I'm really addicted to this stuff.) If that explanation was confusing, here is a chart to make it more confusing (this assumes donations are up to scratch, and you write a chapter three out of four Saturdays):

Week 1
Write: Ch 1, 2, and 3....... Post: Tuesday, Ch1; Thursday, Ch2; Saturday, Ch3
Week 2
Write: Ch 4, 5, and 6....... Post: Wednesday, Ch4; Saturday, Ch5
Week 3
Write: Ch 7, 8, and 9....... Post: Tuesday, Ch6; Thursday, Ch7, Saturday, Ch8
Week 4
Write: Nothing................. Post: Wednesday, Ch9

It allows you to take a week off, but it holds us over a little better, and keeps us on a more regular schedule. Might be tougher if you have to write a weekly Saturday chapter (instead of 3 out of 4 weeks/month), but you could always push one of the Saturday chapters over for the next week, and we would likely survive it. It might be too complicated, but I like it better than going a whole week without any chapters at all. Obviously, Mei, your health and family and all of that need to take precedence, but I thought this might make it easier for you to write, take care of yourself, and maintain a pretty regular schedule. What do the rest of you think?

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