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I’ve been working my way through the Game of Thrones book series. Because of how much I drive every day, it’s been via audio books. On the first book, when I’d get to the end of a disc, there’d be a message “End disc X” This disappeared on book 2, but was at least at the end of a chapter. On disc three, it would break during a discussion, but at least at the end of a sentence. On disc 4, it breaks off mid sentence. And doesn’t necessarily seem to pick up with the next word on the next disc.

Roy Dotrice is the actor narrating and doing all of the voices. There are quite a few and he generally does very well. He was even cast in a part on the HBO series. However, there now enough characters that some of the voices are sounding very similar. No worries because these characters are at least from the same region. My gripe with him, is that in book 3, a couple voices for characters weren’t the same at the end of the book as they were at the beginning. In book 4, the voices changed entirely. The voice he was using for one character in book 3, is nowhere related to the voice he used for the same character in book 4.

As irksome as that is, it is still nowhere near as annoying as Cersei. I want to throttle that twat.

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Most High

I listen to a LOT of audiobooks, and I have the first three ASOIAF books in audiobook. I can't get into them because I just dislike his narration. Audiobooks for me depend so much on not just the writing but the performer. I don't like him. Wish I did because I have these three audiobooks! Biggrin

My favorite performers are Timothy West, his wife Prunella Scales, Juliette Stephenson, Patrick Tull, Frederick Davidson (but only when reading PG Wodehouse), and Kate Reading. I'm also rather fond of my own narrators, Nic Quinn and MacAllister Lee. Smile

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I haven't heard him do other books yet. It's gotten to the point that I cringe when I hear that the next chapter is a character that hasn't been in this book yet. Or when I start a new book because the voice is going to be unrecognizable from what he did previously. And to think, I chose this version of book 4 because he was reading it over a different narrator so the voices would be similar...

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so now I can avoid the man. I'm only now getting into audiobooks and was thinking on getting this series, so it was a close save ;). If there is a different narrator, you still have the option to try him for book 5 Smile It's probably weird, but with what you said it can't get much worse, can it?
Oh, and I second the desire to throttle Cersei (read to book 4 so far).

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