"The Machine God" Kickstarter Is Live!

  • Posted on: 8 January 2013
  • By: MeiLin

Here t'is, my latest book The Machine God! This Kickstarter is for $1500 and funds the editing and production of the ebook and paperback. Here's the book description:

Once upon a time, I built myself a God...

Professor Oladel Adewole has lost tenure, and his much-younger sister has died. With no reason to stay, he leaves his homeland for the University of Eisenstadt.

One thing makes life there bearable: the island floating a mile above the city. No one's ever been there, nor knows how it got there. Every culture in the world tells stories about it, and Adewole specializes in them.

When an inventor makes it there in her new autogyro, the government sends Adewole up with its first survey team. The expedition finds people, but Adewole finds a powerful, forbidden fusion of magic and metal: the Machine God.

The government wants it. So does a sociopath bent on ruling Eisenstadt. But when Adewole discovers who the Machine God is--and what it can do--he must risk his life to protect the Machine God from the world, and the world from the Machine God.

The Machine God is part of The Drifting Isle Chronicles, stories set in a universe created by fantasy writers Joseph Robert Lewis, Charlotte E. English, Katherine Tomlinson and MeiLin Miranda.

This is a "lightning round" Kickstarter--only 20 days long. Some of the backer rewards are what you might expect. Autographed paperbacks and so on. But some of them are unexpected: Coffee from Portland's Cellar Door Coffee Roasters, our favorite cuppa. Coffee is of desperate importance to the main character, and that gift comes with instructions on how to make it like he does (a lot like Turkish coffee).

Thanks for buying The Machine God during this presale!


Avery K. Tingle's picture

Good luck, MeiLin. Smile

MeiLin's picture

Most High

Thanks, Avery! So far, so good. Smile

Gudy's picture


... to funding as of this moment.

Gudy's picture


... and counting. Smile

I am also faintly amused by the patterns with regards to the pledge levels:
1) No one wants coffee.
2) Every time I look there is exactly the same number of $25 and $45 pledges.

MeiLin's picture

Most High

... SOMEONE would want the coffee--it's really good, too--but apparently not!

Gudy's picture


... that the project has funded at 102%, still no-one wants coffee and there are exactly the same number of $25 and $45 backers.


okwari's picture

60% funded - on its first day!

I'm backing it. It looks like such a cool project.

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