Review: Best Erotic Comics 2008

  • Posted on: 1 July 2008
  • By: MeiLin
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You've seen the ad--you've clicked on it, if my stats are any indication--now read the review! I got a copy of Best Erotic Comics 2008 today in the mail, courtesy editor Greta Christina. One word review: Yikes!

Many word review: This is the shit, my dears. There is hot stuff, disturbing stuff, really hot stuff, funny stuff, extremely disturbing stuff, and stuff so hot I'm surprised the pages don't combust. Some of these comics may leave you confused (a Gil Hernandez that makes sense only if you're familiar with the rest of his work), some of them may leave you vaguely disgusted (everything by Cephalopod Productions--sorry, I just don't care for the style), but I doubt that any of them will leave you without an opinion, and often a good deal of food for thought. I dare anyone to look at Toshio Saeki's work presented here and not at least ponder the often extremely fucked-up Japanese erotic impulse--which I adore, as it happens; even as disturbing as I find Saeki's stuff, which is to say "very," I find myself unable to look away from it.

Not all the characters are white, or straight, or huge-boobed. This isn't a stroke book, though you will get turned on by many of these images. This is an often thoughtful exploration of what it means to be a sexual being, an exploration that also would love to get you hot and bothered.

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