Wiki-ing fun!

Yeah, I was bored, and did LOTS of editing last night. I blame the drugs. It is clearly their fault.

In any case, this is my way of making notes for myself, and so people can keep tabs on what I've done and what needs doing. I'll attempt to keep tabs on what other people do as well.

What needs doing, in order of how many things link to it:

What's been done (and probably needs editing, particularly if I made it):

Also, I'm not sure that all the sections I've made belong where they are. I may make a page called "Tremontine Universe" or something, and put the information on countries, mythology, etc in there. Characters can stay where they are though, I think.

More shall probably occur to me later. Edit will be used copiously Biggrin

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I've just finished going over Tale, looking for stuff that needs to have a wiki entry but doesn't have one right now. And I've stumbled over a problem with Fen's age:
In chapter 26 he says that he's 16 and will be 17 in a week or two. And he makes a good case for why he is: if he were 18, he'd enlist in the army. MeiLin contradicts him in the wiki, where she changed is age from 17 to 18, possibly because the bonus story "Scenes of a Courtship" says that he's 2 years older than Arta, and Arta is supposed to be 16.

So, who's right? Fen or MeiLin? Wink

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Most High

Even when she contradicts herself! Dammit, I thought I looked for age references for him, too.

stupid Fen *scuffing toe*

Well, officially, Fen was 17 when he and Temmin met in the woods, and he's turned 18 in the interim between Book 1 and 2. I'll have to correct it in the next edition of the print version, and I'll correct it now in the web version.

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Most High

When I went back to the master mss, it had already been corrected, which means that print copies have his correct age. I just hadn't corrected it here. Done. Smile

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