pleasant surprise

I got my Son In Sorrow today!

It's been out of my mind for quite some time, since life kept me very busy. Then I came home in the evening, half-dead after working overtime, and there was this suspicious package waiting for me. I had absolutely no idea what it could be until I saw the sender Biggrin Yay, it's so shiny and pretty! *hugs book*
( :8) maybe I'll finally get around to reading the second half, now that I can read on the train)

So, just thought you'd like to know you saved my day once more, Mei, thanks Smile

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... of Son in Sorrow and the poster arrived today. They're both gorgeous!

So thank you, MeiLin, for taking our money and creating beautiful stuff with it.

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Most High

We're trying out new packaging since LaB copies sometimes arrived overseas in less than ideal shape.

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... in top condition. I'm happy to report that the new packaging for the book seems considerably sturdier than the old one, and the poster arrived in good condition, too.

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