Today from the Box of Squee: Mania

  • Posted on: 30 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

The Fickle Finger of Squee, wielded by No1 Daughter, landed on Mania today, an apropos choice any day the way things go around here:

The personification of insanity [see? apropos--MLM], Mother of Manes, Goddess of Night Spirits, Mistress of Undeath, She Who Gives Life to the Dead. With Mantus, she rules the Etruscan underworld, and her scent is roiling chaos and churning madness, but because she is the mother of the Lares, benevolent household spirits, her perfume also bears an underlying gentleness, and, like madness, a strange sweetness. Screeching white musk collides with a howl of red musk, with sharp white grapefruit and pale strawberry leaf.

In the imp, it's a rich, sweet musk. No1 Daughter took a sniff and said, "Ooh! That's going to smell good on you!" And she was right.

It's quite sweet, wet. I don't smell strawberry leaf, I smell strawberries. Dry, it's all a well-balanced (?! What's with the balance? it's supposed to be Mania!) musk, on the sweet side, with the tiniest glimpse of grapefruit and no strawberry at all. Me likee.

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