Chapter 8 is JUST.NOT.WORKING.

  • Posted on: 29 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

It's driving me crazy. I'm stalled--in the middle of the wedding night, no less--and I need to put it down and let it think about what it's done. I'm happy with it right up until the last few paragraphs, where it all just kinda goes to Harla in a handcart. It doesn't help that I have had a stomach bug or something today and it is suddenly the muggiest, stickiest place in the world here. Rain, already! for cryin out loud!

I'm putting this thing down for a while and hopefully things will be better later. Sorry, guys, I'm trying.


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Bugs are horrible. Take a cool shower and relax, because stressing out a stomach bug is NOTSMART ;---;

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Don't worry too much, we're all appreciative of whatever's offered.
Hope you feel better soon.

St J.

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It happens. I'd rather get a late update than a poorly-written one. Deep breaths, we'll all be waiting here patiently (for the most part) whenever you're ready for us. Don't let your schedule hamper your writing, or your health. As always, I'll be waiting on the next update, even if it takes a little longer than usual Wink .

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Smile All is well. Relax take your time the more you push the muse the more it runs away. Frankly, I have to say I wish I was half as inspired as you Meilin. 2-3 chapters a week is gobs more then I could manage. We adore your work an will wait oh so patiently till your muse returns. Have some soda crackers, gingerale and a nap. Hopefully that will help you feel better.

Love and warm fuzzy goodness,

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Take your time and feel better MeiLin, I would rather read something you are happy with than something that was rushed just to keep a schedual.

Patients is a virtue, so I try to use mine all the time. Get well soon.

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