Go to bed, pretty children

  • Posted on: 28 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I'm *this close* to finishing chapter 8, but it's Macca and Hov's wedding night and you really don't want me rushing that, do you? I might write something anatomically impossible. (So far it's actually rather funny and sweet.)

Seriously, I've only got like a page and a half left (of 6 6x9 pages, which makes up the average update--I write in book block formatting so all I really need to worry about are typos and stuff when it's time to send a book off to Lulu.com, I mean, why not). But I need to go to bed. We're on the road tomorrow with the family and I'll write a little on the way--well, no, I probably won't. I don't think Sir will let me. We'll see. In any event, looks like Sunday. SO--go to bed, my dears, go to bed and dream of whatever it is you dream of when there's no update. Smile



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of updates, of course!

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