So, I did a call in to WPR about this wonderful book I just finished reading. The guest, Daniel Golden from Boswell books, did a list on his blog with the list of books discussed. While it's not highlighted, I think you'll recognize the fouth from the bottom.

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Most High

He didn't link to it and made a snide remark. Oh well, dear, thanks for trying!

ETA: SERIOUSLY, thank you. Any mention is a good mention.

ETAA: I didn't understand this was a separate blog than the show's--this is a bookstore. That explains the remark. Some time soon I want to get into Baker & Taylor so stores like his can get the book.


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And he owns a publishing company. You were the only one on his list that is self published. Did you listen to the podcast link I sent you?

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Most High

But then I was on my iPad, I'll try it again on my desktop.

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