New for Patrons: Access to the draft of "The Machine God"

  • Posted on: 15 August 2012
  • By: MeiLin

If you're a patron, you now have access to the draft of The Machine God, my novel in the shared-universe series The Drifting Isle Chronicles. Mine is the last chronologically in the series; the other writers are Joseph Robert Lewis, Charlotte E. English, Katherine Tomlinson and Coral Moore.

Only the first chapter is up. I'll be putting the rest up as I have time and as they are finished, but the first eight should be up within a week. I'm on chapter ten now, closing in on the end of the second act. I'm on track to finish the whole thing in early September, in time to ship it off to Annette Ribken, the fabulous editor.

And I'll be starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the cover and editing in the next two weeks so mark your calendars! Among the rewards will be half-pounds of coffee from Portland's own Cellar Door Coffee Roasters, so you'll want to watch for that. I'll be releasing the first chapter to everyone (possibly more) so they'll know whether they want to back the project or not. I'm debating a paperback, we'll see what the other four folks are doing.

The covers are gonna be super cool; put side by side, they'll form one long panorama from Charlotte's Autogyro through Joe's The Kaiser Affair, Coral's Songbird's Lament, Katherine's Starspeaker and my own The Machine God. This project has been a kick in the pants in more than one way. I'm writing stuff I would never have thought to do otherwise, and I look forward to collaborating with other writers. So. Freaking. Fun.

Oh, and a quick note about patronage: When you become a patron here you get access to the old drafts of the History, coupons for free copies of the Aria Afton Presents novellas, exclusive graphics and short stories, and other bits and bobs no one else gets to see. It's $5 a month. You can buy as many or as few months as you please at once.


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never would'a thought your's was the last installment of the series...

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Most High


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I get the feeling that it's building up to something, not the end of something.

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It feels like there's a story coming, one that explains how he got where he is, what the Drift is. There's...more. At least, more than the chapter you've shown us. It feels like it could easily be something along the lines of the History!

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