Today from the Box of Squee: Hellcat

  • Posted on: 26 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I was really looking forward to trying Hellcat. A gal I've talked with for a while over on the BPAL forums says it's her "first date" perfume--what she wears when she wants to get lucky. Wink So hell yeah, I wanna get in on that. But then, the description:

A soft, sensual, luxuriant blend with a wicked bite: hazelnut, buttercream, honey mead, rum and sweet almond.

Ackphthtfllll! Almond! oh noes! One of two notes guaranteed never to work on me, the other being cedar (which I love everywhere else but on my skin). Even myrrh, which ruined Bilquis for me, works occasionally. But never almond. And sadly, Hellcat proved the rule.

In the imp and on wet, I definitely smell the almond, almost a cherry almond (must be the mead). Dry, still almond, but not as bad as the wretched Queen of Sheba (the most massive Do Not Want I have ever smelt). An hour or more later, the almond and everything else but the rum has faded. It's a nice, soft rum, barely there. But not nice enough to avoid Hellcat being banished to the Do Not Want box.


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Hellcat is my personal signature scent. I wasn't even going to try it til a friend of mine said she wanted to smell it on me, since it didn't work on her. 3 years and 5 big bottles later... yeah. No one else in our social circle can wear it because everyone thinks I'm around. (Works the same with Himself wearing Dee.)

If you're looking for a "first date" type of perfume, try O or Bordello. There's an undertone to each of those that implies you're only holding back because you're in public and don't have the cash on you to be bailed out of jail for sexual deviancies. An ex calls them both bottled sex, just add mood.

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Most High

I wanted it to work. Sir and I have a huge love of Death Cap, but I can't wear it unless I want to be thrown over the nearest piece of furniture and ravished. So totally not kidding. :O

But I don't really need a "first date" fragrance. I've got a lot of those "bottled sex" scents that work on me--Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge (you guys I totally did not make that name up), Whip, Defututa, Anactoria, Khajuraho, Grindhouse, Mama-ji, just to name a handful.

Today I wore Lunar Eclipse, but it just didn't stick around very long. When we got home from this big event I went in and put on April Fool and I'm feeling all green and juicy now. For just wearing around, the foodies and musks in fall/winter, and the fruities and greenies in the spring/summer seem to be how I go. Vanilla is forever. Smile

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