Alpha writing access for patrons?

  • Posted on: 6 July 2012
  • By: MeiLin

I want to get words out faster. So I'm thinking about posting the alpha writing of book three as I go along, for patrons only. I may do it first with The Machine God and see how it goes.

What is alpha writing? It's the sausage-making that is writing.

Two things:

--Would you patron types like it?

--Would the rest of you be more likely to buy a patronage? $5/month, gets you perks including access to the old drafts and every short story and novella I write, free, in ebook form.


MsGamgee's picture


I definitely would like it.

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I would be interested.

Kreyopresny's picture


Yes please!
Pretty pretty please?
With sugar on top!

Amy's picture


I am now a patron of your arts!!! SmileSmileSmile I have been wanting to do so for some time now. This was not only the perfect time to do so, but the chance to alpha read your work was to great an opportunity to pass up. Smile

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Um. Yes. I think. It might make me cry, but that's kind of okay.

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