From the disorganized piles of squee: Goblin Cider

  • Posted on: 9 June 2012
  • By: MeiLin

Yes! BPAL reviews are back. For those of you new to the site, I collect this stuff; it's a small etailer perfumery run by the amazing "nose" Elizabeth Barrial that makes stuff like you've never smelled before. I promise. The scents are based on literature, mythology, films, comics, astronomical events, full moons--not the usual celebrity scents that all smell alike. It is phenomenal, heady stuff, and when I can afford it, I buy it.

The newest line in the HUGE BPAL catalog is based on the film Labyrinth, and today's scent from that collection is Goblin Cider:

A dark, earthy ginger cider.

I am a fool for apple scents, so a sample of this was a no-brainer even without the Labyrinth tie-in.

Wet: This reminds me a lot of another BPAL I have, Playing with a Loaded Gun, which is a ginger musk. This is a sweet ginger, a dried rather than fresh one. The apple is very sweet, not tart, and cooked rather than fresh. Not my favorite apple scent, but I still like it.

Dry-down: The two together remind me more of a gingery apple strudel or baked confection than cider. There's a definite sorta pastry or cake thing going on.

Impressions: This strikes me as a fall scent, in the same family as other apple BPALs like Lambswool and Fearful Pleasure. Because I have bottles of those, I don't think I need a full bottle of this. But as those other two were limited editions Never to Be Seen Again and this is in the general catalog, when I run out I'll know where to turn.


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smellies are back...

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... indeed. I love your scent descriptions, MeiLin. Even if I'll probably never go and buy a perfume myself.

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