Three boxes of awesome

  • Posted on: 24 May 2012
  • By: MeiLin


Crappy cellphone picture, but you get the idea! Somehow, my 11-year-old lugged these three boxes (2 filled with Son in Sorrow, the other filled with Lovers and Beloveds for those who got the 2-book set) into the house.

So now I get to schedule the mailing party! yay!

I have been asked about the high-res graphics photos. I'm workin' on it, kids. I've had an enormous confluence of an election cycle in which I have a candidate client, ongoing sick kids (one after the other on a continuous loop) etc etc blah blah blah where's my frickin' stuff, I know. I hope to have it out soonest.


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... books! Biggrin

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I love the cover on book two. I think I just like the design that much more than LaB's. Not that LaB's is anything but good, but the green and the skulls and yeah... SiS's cover rocks.

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