New Aria Afton Presents release: "The Mage's Toy"

  • Posted on: 11 May 2012
  • By: MeiLin

You want fluffy erotic romance? Of course you do! It's getting warm out, and everyone likes a quick summer read. So I've launched the "Aria Afton Presents" line for all the fluffy non-History/Gulch erotic romance I write. So far they're novella length, right around 20,000 words, and they're priced at $2.99.

Today's release is The Mage's Toy:

Runaway Jennia Wick has to marry her childhood sweetheart to escape a bad apprenticeship--if she can find him. Traveling mage Antony Onyx has grown cynical and bitter after a former lover took both his money and half his lifetime store of magic. But when they meet on the road, their instant attraction cracks his cynicism and her resolve.

Even though Antony has vowed never to be vulnerable again, he can't bring himself to let Jennia be re-captured. He offers her a job demonstrating his sex charms, enchanted toys that can satisfy any desire. He tells himself it'll be just like all his other models--strictly business. Even though she's already fallen for Antony, Jennia is determined to find her childhood love and agrees.

But Antony's toys only ignite their desire for one another. Passion may prove more than the mage and the runaway can resist, but when Antony finds Jennia's sweetheart, he must make a choice that could lead to happiness for her--and catastrophe for himself.

It's also available at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and All Romance Ebook if there's an ebook store you prefer to buying direct from me (I give three formats in one purchase--PDF, mobi and epub).

If you're a patron, you get it free! Use coupon MAGEPATRON at checkout. That won't work if you're not a patron, friends.

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