Free Fantasy for Tax Day, Including "Lovers and Beloveds!"

  • Posted on: 15 April 2012
  • By: MeiLin

Fantasy writers feel your pain. After all, we're self-employed; tax day is super painful for us! So we're helping take the edge off the day by giving you something: Free ebooks! All the books listed below are free 4/17 only at Amazon* (Lovers and Beloveds is also free 4/16, but I can't vouch for the rest) and many including mine are DRM-free so you can convert them to the format of your choice:

MeiLin Miranda: Lovers and Beloveds

When eighteen-year-old Prince Temmin comes of age and joins his father's court, he's unprepared for its politics, assassins and sexual intrigues--and even more so, the King's immortal advisor Teacher, the holder of the royal family's hidden magic. Teacher becomes Temmin's tutor, his lessons contained in a magic book. Through it, Temmin experiences everything each story's characters do, and he's forced to confront serious mistakes in the kingdom's--and his own--past.

His present is no easier. He's falling for beautiful twins--brother and sister--who are the human hosts of the gods of love and desire called the Lovers. Being with them is more than sex; it's a religious calling. But an ancient prophecy says if Temmin heeds Their call it may spell the end of the monarchy, and the King fights him every step of the way.

Temmin must choose: Serve the Lovers and lose his father--and possibly the kingdom--or obey the King and risk the wrath of the Gods.

Tristan J. Tarwater: Little Girl Lost
Tavera is a child passed from hand to hand as a source of cheap labor in the underworld of the Valley. When she finds herself at the mercy of the vicious sausage maker, the elderly Madame Greswin, she discovers secrets from the woman's past and the consequences leave Tavera fighting for her life.

"Little Girl Lost" is a short story and prequel to "Thieves at Heart", the first novel in the series "The Valley of Ten Crescents".

J. R. Tomlin: Blood Duty
In a remote mountain valley, a scout is tortured and killed in a brutal rite of summoning. An army of demons will soon be on the move. Fellow scout Jessup Inntour wouldn't care very much if the empire he reluctantly serves is attacked, but the woman he loves is another matter.

Tamra Dervon, Captain of the Guard of Wayfare Keep, thinks her biggest problem is her love affair with Jessup. The scout is holding things back from her, and she doesn't know what. But when the seemingly unbeatable army of demons invades, Tamra's personal problems look very small. Tamra and Jessup find themselves leading a last-ditch defense. Their army is defeated. Jessup disappears in the retreat. As Tamra continues the struggle to defend her homeland, she discovers that another duty lies ahead -- to face a demon horde alone.

Dave King: Betrovia (Land of Betrovia)
Patrik, a newly-married young man, turns down the safety of small town life to help his uncle manage a road-side inn many miles away. But before he can learn even the basics of running an inn, the uncle suddenly dies. If he had stayed where he was born, Patrik could have become a successful hunter, fur trapper, or even a successful artist. So why did he leave the comforts of home?

Not long after the death of his uncle, Patrik's wife dies, leaving him to mourn her death while struggling to be a good father to their two young daughters. Where can he find the inner peace he feverishly desires?

Tamara, boisterous, beautiful but often cantankerous, has turned down every man who has offered to rescue her from the pitiful routine of The Lonely Fox inn. Who, if anyone, could ever capture her love?

Kristof, The Lonely Fox Inn's stable hand, has attempted to earn Tamara's affection since he first set eyes upon her but has suffered a lifetime of rejection in the few months he has been employed there. What can he do to somehow make her love him?

Edward W. Robinson: The White Tree
Secrets don't like to stay hidden. In the kingdom of Mallon, all knowledge of the death god Arawn has been brutally quashed--but a teen named Dante has just found the dark god's holiest book.

Within days, Dante's attacked in the streets. Not by the city guard. By Arawn's own servants, long-hidden. Two things save his life: a big-mouthed bodyguard named Blays, and his own growing skill with the nether, the shadowy power that fuels the world.

But the attacks on Dante are just the first stirs of a larger threat. In the far north, Arawn's followers are rallied by a priestess named Samarand. Mallon is burning. To save their homeland, Dante and Blays will have to travel to a half-ruined city and assassinate the woman driving her people to war.

Cate Dean: Last Chance Jack

Jack is a guardian angel. A guardian angel who has failed every single assignment. For the past hundred years.

Now he has been given his final assignment, and he has one last chance - one chance to prove himself, one chance to change his fate.

But there is a catch: the assignment can't see him, unless he can find a way to break through, a way to touch her. Only then can he even begin to help her.

He has three days.

Colin Tabard: Fall of Ossard

Ossard is falling...

Growing up in a city of Merchant Princes, Juvela discovers she can see what others can't. The very currents of the celestial are open to her, and that includes the truths they hide: An escalating series of unsolved kidnappings have been haunting the city-state, leaving its shadows pooled deep with innocent blood.

Has Juvela been cursed with the Witches' Kiss - or perhaps something worse?

Yet, more is to come, for not only has she witnessed an abduction, but she will have to endure a role in the victim's ritual death. For Juvela is about to become forsaken, and that's before she learns the real truth of not just the crimes plaguing Ossard's bloody streets, but the wider world: A world at war, and governed by gods whose highest pleasure is to sup on the taste of death.

Matthew Musser: Jadeflies
An epoch has passed since the light of the divine last shone upon these harrowed lands. The gods that were have been cast out, and in their place has grown an edifice of depravity. A kingdom of corruption, abetted by an ancient order, balances precipitously above a clash of faiths. In the city of Borsad, a notorious gang of thieves known as the Jadeflies have carved a territory. They indoctrinate children of the street and orphans into ruthless thieves and killers to expand their reach. Miri is not ruthless, and is objectively less talented than her counterparts, but vies to prove her worth to the Jadeflies and earn her place. After a guaranteed simple job, from the hand of the boss, Taira, leaves her injured, Miri stands up against the punishment for failure she expects to receive. When Taira gets violent, Miri reacts, and the cold steel of her dagger finds itself in her mentors gut. As she flees the wrath of the Jadeflies she finds herself in the caring hands of a stranger, a priest of the ancient order who offers her safety and redemption if only she'll accept. Can the old gods truly shield her or is she just biding time?

S. M. Reine: Death’s Hand
Policing relations between Heaven, Hell, and Earth is messy and violent, but Elise Kavanagh and James Faulkner excelled at it--until coming across a job so brutal that even they couldn't stand to see one more dead body. Now they've been pretending to be normal for five years, leaving their horrific history a dark secret. Elise works in an office. James owns a business. None of their friends realize they used to be one of the world's best killing teams.

After years of hiding, something stirs. Bodies are vanishing. Demons scurry in the shadows of the night. A child has been possessed. Some enemies aren't willing to let the secrets of the past stay dead...

Brendan Carroll: The Red Cross of Gold
The immortal Knights of the Council of Twelve comprise the ruling body of the clandestine Order of the Red Cross of Gold, Poor Knights of Solomon's Temple. Some of them have been around since the Crusades in the Holy Lands, secretly directing, aiding and abetting world events that they believe will eventually culminate in the ultimate confrontation of Good and Evil at Armageddon. As Knights of Christ, they live, fight and die safely as God's executioners in the service of the Master of the Universe.

E. Stoops: Corner of a Round Planet
In an alternate universe where the twentieth century gave rise to individuals with psychic talents and World War II never happened, the Gulf Wars of the late twentieth and early twenty-first are fought with Great War tactics and equipment. The medics, a prime target for the enemy, are dying at a far greater rate than the other soldiers. War is in need a facelift. Meredith Clase, an electronics engineer, might have just the thing. But Sergeant Wens Lillenthal has been holding a grudge against Clase for almost eight years and he doesn't plan on dropping it soon. When Clase arrives and insists that he become the hero he plays to his men, Lillenthal is dragged along a path to fame he never wanted, and into a world he can't ever leave.

Christopher Bunn: Ice and Fire
A Tale of Rubies, Shadows, and Romance
When the King's miners discover a strange ruby filled with fire, deep under the mountains, the King is overjoyed. There's one problem, of course. The gem belongs to the shadows who live in the mine. The King, however, will do anything to get his greedy hands on the ruby, even if that means disaster for the kingdom. The chief miner's son, Peter Snow, is forced to save the day.

Ice and Fire is a short story of about 5200 words, complete with a hotheaded princess, an exceedingly wise cook, and a handful of moat frogs.

Kate Danley: Maggie for HireWhen monsters appear on Earth, Maggie MacKay is on the job. No one is better at hauling the creepy crawlies back where they belong. No one, that is, except her dad, who disappeared without a trace in the middle of an assignment.

Now an elf named Killian has shown up with a gig. Seems Maggie's uncle teamed up with the forces of dark to turn Earth into a vampire convenience store, serving bottomless refills on humans.

The only hope for survival lies in tracking down two magical objects and a secret that disappeared with Maggie's dad.

*TIP: If you're outside the US, once you get to the page of the book you want, substitute the TLD for your local Amazon.

Example: If the book you want is at and you're in the UK, change the .com (the TLD) to


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... look interesting. But when does the 17th actually start in Amazon land? It's 12:08 am on the US west coast now, and none of the Amazon book pages I've opened (Little Girl Lost, Maggie For Hire and The Fall of Ossard) show the book as being free.

Update (2:00 am): Most of the stories are free now, the exceptions being Jadeflies and Little Girl Lost, which are free on but which no amount of refreshing the page and clearing the browser cache can make free on for me. WTF?

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Sometimes Amazon runs late on making books free (and unfree). Sometimes some are made free later than others, in multiple batches. Nobody knows exactly what will happen at what time each day. The ones that do happen on schedule normally happen right at 12:30am PT in my experience, for the US site. The foreign sites often go free hours later than the US, but sometimes when the US site is running late on processing some of theirs, the foreign sites might not be.

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Most High make sure it was live today. Smile Supposedly it's midnight Pacific time but often it doesn't happen for hours.

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